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"The wars outside of us are a reflection of the war within.  Humans have been at war within and without for thousands of years.  The wars, the violence, the rape of mother Earth that is happening, are all caused by the war within being projected outward.

It is all caused by warring on ourselves.  By judging and feeling ashamed of ourselves for being human - and by fighting our own emotional process.

The way to stop the war within is through healing and learning to Love our own inner child/children.  The inner child is the gateway to discovering our True Self - to reconnecting with the Great Spirit."

(Quotations in this color are from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney)
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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls.
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls
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Formula for Recovery - Path to Empowerment, Serenity, and Freedom from the Past

Codependence / Codependency / Adult Child of Alcoholic/dysfunctional family Recovery 
inner child healing (develop Loving ongoing relationships with the wounded parts of self - including loving boundaries) 
emotional energy release / grief (including rage) process work 
reprogramming of dysfunctional codependent mental attitudes and false beliefs 
internal boundaries to counteract toxic shame and abuse of critical parent / disease voice 
Spiritual integration of belief in Unconditionally Loving Higher Power / God Force / Goddess Energy / Great Spirit into emotional relationship with self and life =

Joy and Love to You & Me - to Me & You

Joy2MeU = The ability to relax & enJoy being ALIVE today

"Codependence is an emotional and behavioral defense system which was adopted by our egos in order to meet our need to survive as a child. Because we had no tools for reprogramming our egos and healing our emotional wounds (culturally approved grieving, training and initiation rites, healthy role models, etc.), the effect is that as an adult we keep reacting to the programming of our childhood and do not get our needs met - our emotional, mental, Spiritual, or physical needs. Codependence allows us to survive physically but causes us to feel empty and dead inside. Codependence is a defense system that causes us to wound ourselves."

"It does not matter how much Spiritual Truth, how many mystical experiences of oneness, how in tune with Love, you can feel in certain moments - if you cannot integrate it into your life in a way which changes your emotional experience of life on a moment to moment, day to day basis.  You can go to therapy for many years, read all the Spiritual and self help books, go to workshops and seminars and lectures - compile encyclopedic intellectual knowledge of what healthy behavior is - and still be reacting to old wounds in the relationships that mean the most to you.

The missing ingredient for so many people who have been seeking for many years, is how to integrate what you know into how you feel about your experience life.  That is what I teach people - because it is what I have spent many years learning." - Robert Burney

Robert shares his beliefs and experiences in relationship to codependency recovery, emotional / inner child healing and Spiritual Awakening / integration including excerpts from
Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls
Codependence Pages Index
Codependence / codependency =  outer / external dependence =  The Human Condition
30 Pages that explain the condition of Codependence / Codependency.  Includes: 
(also links to Spanish Translations of some of the articles)
Inner Child Healing Pages index
An innovative new level of Inner Child Healing - a healing paradigm that includes tools, techniques, and perspectives for achieving Spiritual integration & emotional balance.
35 pages that focus on the Process / emotional healing / integration / inner child Work. Includes:
What is codependency / codependence ? Inner child healing - How to begin
The condition of Codependency / Codependence Inner child healing - Why do it?
The evolution of the term "Codependence" Learning to Love our self 1 of 3
Codependence vs Interdependence Union Within 1 of 2
Codependence as Delayed Stress Syndrome Fear of Intimacy
Emotional abuse is Heart and Soul Mutilation Grief, Love, & Fear of Intimacy
Emotional Honesty & Emotional Responsibility Series 1 of 5 Positive Affirmations 1 of 2
Setting Personal Boundaries Choosing a counselor or therapist
The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages! Grieving - examples of how the process works
The codependency movement and marriages! 2 Romantic love Co-Creation: Owning your Power to Manifest Love
Online book in progress: 
Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light
Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life:
Author's Foreword
The Recovery Process for inner child healing series 1 of 6
includes: Sharing experience, strength, and hope
through the fear
The Process of Processing
Chapters titles include: false self image
Codependency = conditioned programming/Pavlov's Dog
Codependents as Emotional Vampires
Codependency = Emotional Anorexia
Normal Families are Dysfunctional
Codependent Counselors Therapists
Codependency in New Age Movement
Some newly added articles: 
Reprogramming our dysfunctional ego defenses
Internal Boundaries - the key to balance
Inner Child Paradigm
Inner Awareness - Internal Census
Common Emotional Defenses
Recovery from Codependency
Assignments for Jump Starting Codependency Recovery
Spiritual Belief System Pages index
We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience - 
this is the polar opposite of the beliefs which underlie Civilization - it changes the whole game.
28 Pages on Robert's Spiritual Paradigm.  Includes:
Alcoholism Pages Index
Bill Wilson would have loved to have had the tools we have available to us today.  He would have run to an ACA or CoDA meeting where he could have found the roots of the depression which tormented him.
12 Pages on disease of alcoholism & 12 steps.  Includes:
Truth vs emotional truth The Death of an Alcoholic
Loving and Nurturing self Questions about Alcoholism
Powerlessness & Empowerment Grave Emotional and Mental Disorders
Mystical Metaphysical Spirituality Expectations & Serenity
Spirituality for Agnostics and Atheists Gratitude
Spiritual Integration The Miracle of The Twelve Step Recovery Process 1 of 4
A Higher Power of my own understandingSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Serenity Prayer seriesSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' To Parents of Alcoholics / AddictsSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Enabling & Rescuing vs Tough Love
Metaphysical Pages Index
A New Age has dawned in human consciousness and we now have tools, knowledge, and access to healing energy and Spiritual guidance that has never before been available.
17 Pages on Metaphysical aspects of belief system.  Includes:
Romantic Relationships Pages index
It is so important to realize how we were set up to feel like failures in Romantic Relationships - to really get it on a gut level, so that we can forgive ourselves.
40 Pages focused on Romantic Relationships. Includes:
(also links to Finish Translations of some of the articles)
The New Age Toxic Love
Old Souls & Karma Romantic Relationships and Valentine's Day
Jesus & Christ Consciousness Wedding Prayer/Meditation on Romantic Commitment
Jesus & Mary Magdalene - Jesus, sexuality, & the Bible The Heartbreak of Romantic Relationships
My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium The Emotional Dynamics of Dysfunctional Relationships
Book 1 of The Dance of the Wounded Souls Trilogy Codependent Relationships Dynamics - part 1 of 4
New Age Misinterpretations of Metaphysical Truth Healthy Romantic Relationships - part 1 of 9
Spiritual beliefs: Abundant Spirituality in the New Age An Adventure in Romance - Loving & Losing Successfully
Monogamy - A Spiritual Teachers PerspectiveSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Falling in love as a choiceSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Sexuality AbuseSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Emotional Intimacy = in to me see Sacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Homosexuality - and the Bible
The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & MisinterpretedSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' The Metaphysics of Emotions - emotional energy is real
Miscellaneous Topics Pages index
I wrote a monthly column/article - first for a local paper, then for a Recovery paper in Texas, most recently the internet - for about 10 years. 
30 pages - Miscellaneous articles and columns.  Includes:
Information Pages index
This page also includes links to past Update Newsletters for the Joy2MeU web site, as well as testimonials & reviews (for book, web site and phone counseling) a referral page to local healers, special offers, awards, etc. 
40 Informational pages + 57 Update pages  Includes:
Empowerment Dance of Wounded Souls Ordering information
Self Worth Authors Foreword from the book
Emotional Incest Authors Biographical info Updated 2/03
Emotional Defenses 1 of 2 Recommended Books
Roles In Dysfunctional Families Recommended Links
Happy Holidays, Sad Holidays Telephone Counseling
Mothers Premier Issue Joy2MeU Journal
Fathers Joy2MeU Journal information
Buddha, Buddhism, and Japanese cultural dysfunction 1 of 2 Referral page to local counselors / therapists / healers
Attack on America - A  Spiritual Healing Perspective Find CoDA Meetings locally
Obsession / Obsessive Thinking Part 1Sacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' Letting Go of Unavailable PeopleSacred Spiral with tail pointing to right signifying 'going toward.' February 2012 Update Newsletter

  A Day of Intensive Spiritual Integration Training in San Diego Sept. 29th, Nov. 17th 2013 & Jan. 4th 2014 - a Life-Changing Workshop!

 "Robert Burney's training day was so inspirational and enlightening.  He was loving and warm and presented profound life changing material in a very not intimidating way.  Magical!"

  "My life has been much better since I went to your seminar."

  June 3, 2011 Announcing:  For the first time a recording of Robert Burney's Spiritual Integration Workshop is available as an mp3 download.

"Your writing is more insightful and instructive for change than Bradshaw and Melody Beattie of codependence no more.  Pia Melody's pretty good but you're more broad thinking in concepts and more compassionate too. . .  I have been in therapy since I was 19, I'm 48 and am just learning  about boundaries and not from the help of my therapist unfortunately.  She knows inner child work but not how boundaries directly relate to it.  Your work has been an invaluable resource as I read it tonight."

"I finished your book, you are a rock star. Already had a friend order it. She wanted to borrow mine and I told her I'd sooner give her my hand."

"I truly believe that I have made more progress on a personal level in the few weeks I have had Robert's book and tape than in the preceding eight plus years when I first found out what codependency was.  THANK YOU"

"Today, when I read some of your writing, it struck me that your perspective on philosophy, spirituality and psychology is really unique. I've read and listened to many spiritual people, but I've never found someone who combines love, acceptance and humor in such a profound manner." 

"After years of analysis and reading many self help books on other subjects to try to find out the answers about my struggles in my life, I had always been under the impression that the subject of codependency was a term referring to people who enable alcoholics or drug dependent people, so I never even thought to read up on it. Now, after reading your writings, a miraculous door of insight has opened up for me, and many pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place"

"I find it very exciting that you have brought the whole definition of codependence to this spiritual level, where I can much more relate to it's truth."

  "I can't thank you enough for the very profound spiritual healing your book on tape has provided to me.  I cannot express in words that which I feel as a result of having truly "heard" your message of self-love and spiritual awakening.  Your message has forever changed my path in this lifetime.  Thank you so much for sharing your perceptions and experiences through your book, and your website. You are a guide and a healer, I will be forever grateful for having connected and crossed paths with you and your work."

"I have been on your web site and have been reading and copying so much of your work.  It speaks to my heart and soul like nothing else I have come across.  I have read and studied many authors on this healing journey of mine but you really relate to all of my issues like no one else.  I have read over 300 books in the past few years but you explain everything in simple but yet so enlightening truths.  God bless you and you are making a difference to many. Oprah needs to read your work." 

 "I was reading this site and it was as if you were addressing me personally.  This is my story.  My inner child is running my life.  I am so glad I found this web site.  Thank you so much.  You've given me much needed hope."

"I just came across your excellent site this evening, while looking for material that will assist in explaining the broader concept of "codependence' to my clients.  Never before have I seen it described with such heart, clarity and with the spiritual /existential tones appropriate for discussing a dynamic so fundamental to the human condition.  Thank you!!" 

"I love the fact that you are able to clearly bridge and tie in Christian teachings and (so-called) New Age philosophies in a clear and concise way for so many to hear at the same time."

"I not only have enjoyed reading your book, but I am still enjoying listening to you on tape.  I have sent one copy of the book to each of my two daughters . . . . . My wife is also reading the book, and I have referred at least a half dozen people to your website including a number of my clients. I am a counseling psychologist with a private practice in __ . . . . . I was blown away by your references to one of my favorite books "Illusions" and to one of my wife's favorites "The Book of Runes". . . Needless to say I believe that your book, your tape and your website make a great contribution to the shifting of the energy on this planet.  I particularly admire the comprehensiveness of your scope.  Thank you Robert for your courage, your wisdom, and your clarity, not to mention your perseverance. I'm glad to to have found another kindred spirit."

"I stumbled upon your site and discovered myself.  I'm telling everyone about your site. Thank you!"

"After reading your website it felt like I was drinking water after being in a desert for 30 years."  

(Go to
Testimonials to read heart touching messages from all over the world about the book, tapes, and web site."

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