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Finding Co-Dependents Anonymous & Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings

I get a lot of inquiries from people around the country about how to find 12 step support groups in their area.  Most of the inquiries are about Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings (CoDA) but some are looking for Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACA or ACoA).
I do refer people to the official Co-Dependents Anonymous web site - which has a page on which one can search for local meetings in the US (also internationally and for online meetings.)

I also refer people to the official Adult Children of Alcoholics web site - which has a page on which one can search for local meetings world wide.

However, I am not sure how up to date it is possible for either of those resources to keep their information.  So, I also usually tell people that they can sometimes get the information on local meetings from Treatment Centers or Codependence Counselors in the area.  Many papers list 12 step meetings in them on certain days - and there are usually free papers that are devoted to healing or New Age or some similar theme that may have lists of meetings or phone numbers to find out about meetings.  There may be a county Drug and Alcohol office that has lists of meetings also.

And lately, I have been adding that the internet is a great resource for finding meetings, and telling people how to search in a way that will help them find meetings locally.

I know from my experience on the internet how very different results can come from searches on different search engines - and how the way one enters the search term can greatly affect the outcome of the search.  So, I set out to find out what kind of information it was possible to find on the internet.  That quest has resulted in this page which I hope will be useful to anyone out there who is seeking some local support.  Having 12 step meetings to attend has been - and still is - vital to my personal recovery, and I know what a vital and important resource it can be for anyone.

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Search Engines

The first thing that is important, is to know something about how search engines work - at least in terms of how important it is to enter your search term in a way that will facilitate finding what you are looking for.  If for instance, I want to find web pages that might include information about a CoDA meeting I would search for  "Co-Dependents Anonymous" - placing the quotation marks around the word lets the search engine (some of them anyway) know that I want that exact phrase.  Without the quotation marks, it will search for both Co-Dependents and Anonymous - which will get you a lot of pages that aren't what you are looking for.

I first used this search term on one search engine that helped me find some regional CoDA sites. (Which I add to whenever I discover another resource.)

CoDA Australia new Septemer 2012

Adult Children of Alcoholics of Chicago & Milwaukee
- West Great Lakes ACA Inter group for Illinois / Wisconsin / Indiana (added 10/11)

CoDA Canada
- a new site with meetings for all of Canada.

San Francisco Bay Area Co-Dependents Anonymous  Lists meetings from Santa Cruz & San Jose up to Sonoma & Napa.

Los Angeles Co-Dependents Anonymous which list meetings for much of Los Angeles County.

The rest of Los Angeles County is covered by Co-Dependents Anonymous for the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, San Gabriel, and Antelope Valleys - and all of Ventura County.

Orange County CoDA

San Diego County CoDA

The Philadelphia Area Community Group of CoDA has just launched a website which list all the active meetings in the Philadelphia, PA area.

North Georgia Area CoDA - meetings in 8 Northern Georgia counties, includes Atlanta.

Coda Deutschland -  Co-Dependents Anonymous in Germany.  Web site is in German.

CoDependents Anonymous (CoDA) in New York City  Lists CoDA meetings in all 5 Buroughs of NYC.

New links as of October 2004
Greater Sacramento area CoDA - Sacramento & Northern California meetings

Greater Omaha CoDA Service Group - meetings in Omaha Nebraska.

St. Louis Area CoDA Groups

New links added in March 2009:

Northern Ohio CoDA

CoDependents Anonymous United Kingdom

CoDA Australia

Co-Dependents Anonymous - South Africa

CoDA Brazil

CoDA Netherlands

CoDA Texas

Desert CoDA Community Group

New England Co-Dependents Anonymous - covering 6 states

Codependents Anonymous of Washington State

Colorado CoDA
As part of the search that turned up these additional sites, I found one in Cozumel (not there any more 3/2015) - and one for an area of the country that a friend who was on our Caribbean Cruise says is a great part of the country to be in Recovery - Hickory North Carolina - whose site includes all 12 step meetings including CoDA.
Hickory North Carolina Area Recovery

This following written quite a few years ago - when people didn't know what Google was - but it still applies.
I also found pages of CoDA meetings that have not been updated since 1996 or 97 - which is ancient history in internet time, and is also too old to be reliable for twelve step meetings.  There were an unfortunate number of pages that were out of date - which made the search take much longer and can be discouraging.

It wasn't until I started searching on the internet's best search engine - in my opinion - that I discovered the real key to finding local meetings.   The best search engine is called Google.  It is the search engine of Stanford University and has recently been adapted as the search engine for Yahoo.

Google has over 1 billion pages in it's index - which may not be the most of any search engine, but it is the best indexing in my opinion.  Google has the capacity to index every word on a page and to call it up for a relevant search.   I had a great example of this the other day in relationship to a hit I got on my web site. Someone did a search for:  counselor San Luis Obispo County.  Now I am a counselor and live in San Luis Obispo County - but I do not mention San Luis Obispo County anywhere in my web site.  There are some pages on my site that contain articles that were originally written for a certain new age type newspaper that is based in San Luis Obispo.  On the very bottom of those pages is a notice that the article was originally published in that paper which includes the term San Luis Obispo.  Because the term counselor is prominent on my web pages and the term San Luis Obispo is mention 6 or 8 times on various pages, my web site came up in the top ten for the search.

I do not know of any other search engine that would have returned that result.  What this means in terms of searching for CoDA meetings, is that Google is a great resource for finding CoDA meetings.  In searching for the term "Co-Dependents Anonymous" on Google I got results that included 851 pages.  I only checked on the first 160 of those results - but was very pleasantly surprised at what I found.  Below are listed pages that contain current (within the last few months) information on CoDA or Adult Child meetings in 20 states and 5 countries.

What I discovered is that a great resource for finding current meeting information are the online versions of newspapers, church bulletins, and community service listings.  It is possible to do a search on Google for "Co-Dependents Anonymous" _______ - filling in the blank with your city, state, or region, and if the information is online Google will find it for you.  It's capacity allows it to find the name of the city and one reference to Co-Dependents Anonymous somewhere on that page.  This is a great use for the internet that I don't think any other search engine could perform in anywhere near the fashion that Google does.  It also doesn't pull up as much garbage in terms of out of date pages and pages with no real relevance as most search engines do.  Try it on your local area:
Search WWW on Google  using  "Co-Dependents Anonymous"  your city  (or "Adult Children meetings" or some such.)
Search WWW  Search 

(I will repeat this link at the bottom of the page for those who want to look over what I found - and also a link to a page that lists search engines from most every country in the world so that if you don't find what you are looking for on Google you can try some other searches.  Unfortunately most of those search engines do not have the kind of response ability that Google brings to the task.)
1-2004:  Many of the links below are not working any more, but the principle still applies.  I did a quick search on Google the other day and found a few more links just on the first page of the search.
A site that lists 12 step meetings at the Alano Club in Rockford Illinois - including 7 CoDA meetings.

A site for lambdasouth (for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders in recovery) in Fort Lauderdale Florida lists 4 CoDA meetings a week.

The Serenity Center in Columbia Maryland list 4 CoDA meetings a week

August 17, 2002.  Someone recently pointed out to me that I didn't have any information here on meetings in my local area.  Duh.  So I have added a list of Central Coast CoDA meetings - for San Luis Obispo County plus a very good meeting not far away in Santa Maria.  (11/5/07 I am adding a page with CoDA meetings in North San Diego County since that is where I now live.)  Since I was adding one additional page, I also decided to make a change I have considered for awhile.  I have had a short quote on another of my pages about what I saw as some of the reasons for the decline of CoDA meetings in the later half of the nineties.  That info really belonged here, but in moving it I wanted to use the larger excerpt that it was a part of - which made it too large and distracting to add to this page.  So, I added another page on the Decline of Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Co-Dependents Anonymous and Adult Child of Alcoholics meeting information resources

(This page was posted in November 2000.  As the information below is time sensitive, some of these links will be temporary as new editions of newspapers, bulletins, etc. are updated.  When one of these links shows up as dead on my link check I will just remove the link.  I will not be updating this info, or changing it as the links show up dead.)
A San Jose  CoDA meeting 

Marin Independent Journal of Novato California lists a CoDA meeting in it's You Are Not Alone Section

Northern Colorado  Co-Dependents Anonymous (Denver Boulder Fort Collins) updated October 2000 
Pike's Peak CoDA Community  (Colorado Springs and vicinity )
Christ Community Church in Spring Lake lists both an Adult Children of Alcoholics and a Coda meeting 
Both a CoDA and an ACoA meeting listed in the Holland Sentinel for Holland, Mich
CoDA in Palm Beach Florida 

Northwest Regional LIbrary system Directory of Community Organizations compiled by Bay County (Florida) Public Library Reference staff lists a CoDA meeting and a phone number for CoDA.

CoDA in Skokie, Illinois 

The Pioneer Press of Suburban Chicago has a search engine that allows you to search 49 suburban newspapers for any term in This Week's Calendars. 

A CoDA meeting that meets in a Unity Church in Houston
A CoDA meeting at the Conroe Regional Medical Center Conroe Texas. 
ExpressNews - TV station and newspaper in MySanAntonio: Community: Social Services  seems to be up to date.  Long list of meetings, support groups, counseling groups, etc. CoDA meetings under 3 different headings. 
The Sioux City Journal - Daily Almanac lists at least one CODA meeting
A Unity Church in Coon Rapids Minnesota that hosts a Co-Dependents Anonymous meeting.
A list of CoDA meetings in Northeast Ohio
Sun Herald Biloxi & Gulfport Mississippi lists a codependent Anonymous meeting under women' support group
The Daily Ardmoreite of Ardmore Oklahoma area calendar lists Co-Dependents Anonymous among other support groups in it's area Calendar
North Carolina
Gaston County Support Group Information lists both ACoA and CoDA meetings.  Information on other counties in North Carolina is also available.
Some CoDA meetings in Northampton, Palmer, & Longmeadow Massachusetts
CoDA meetings in Nashville Tennessee area. 
Kingsport, Tennessee - An All American City!  Bottom of page a CoDA meeting listed.
Meetings at the Serenity Center in Columbia Maryland
New Mexico
CoDA meeting listed in November Calendar for The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.
Crozer-Keystone Community Hospital lists a phone number for CoDA in Philadelphia
DAILY NEWS ONLINE - Bowling Green, KY  list some CoDA meetings and other resources in it's support group section.
La Grange Georgia Daily Newslists CoDA meetings in it's Community Calendar - last updated: 09/14/00
A phone number for Co-dependence Anonymous is listed on this page of the Columbus Missouri Online Information Network in what appears to be up to date information.
The Broadsheet - an online English language newspaper in Madrid Spain lists a CoDA meeting in the classified section.
An Adult Children of Alcoholics site for Melbourne Australia 
Bangalow is the only intact Federation village on Australia's east coast. and had a CoDA meeting as of Feb. 2000. 
3 CoDA meetings listed  in the Inforlink list of resources in Western Australia
Adult Children of Alcoholics - the Official Website of the "Inner Peace" ACA Group in Ottawa, Ontario 

Also in Ottawa is an Adult Child Anonymous site that includes Coda meeting info.

Wimbledon Community Association (WCA). This site was launched on 20th August 2000 with the aim of providing an information service to the groups and individuals who use the Wimbledon Community Centre in St. George's Road. London - includes CoDA meetings.

Search WWW  Search 

Search Google using  "Co-Dependents Anonymous"  your city  (or Adult Children meetings or you can search for therapists, workshops, seminars, etc.)
List of search engines by country.


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