7/17/17 ~ I have not added anyone to this page for at least 6 years, and have no intention at this time of updating it.

Referral Page - to Local Therapists / Counselors / Healers 

who do inner child / grief process / codependency recovery / spiritual - healing / counseling / therapy

"It is important to get help. We all need some help at times in seeing ourselves more clearly.  Some counselors and therapists that haven't necessarily done the emotional healing may still be very helpful to you early in your process - or at specific points in your healing.

The reality is that inner child healing and codependency recovery are still pretty new - and many very well meaning professionals out there do not know a lot about this work.  My approach to the work is unique and pioneering, and no one out there is doing exactly what I do and describe. You will find very few counselors and therapist who define codependence in as large a context as I do; many who do not see it as a Spiritual disease; many who have not done their own emotional work.

I do not know of anyone who combines developing internal boundaries with doing the grief work as part of building an ongoing relationship with different ages of the child within - the framework that I developed for integrating knowledge of healthy behavior and Spiritual Truth into one's emotional relationship with life.  That is the most powerfully life changing and transformational aspect of my approach to the work.  Your chances of finding someone who does exactly that kind of work are almost nil.

But you can find good people out there doing important work.  You can find people: who can lovingly facilitate grief work; who can be very helpful in seeing your codependence when you are blind to it in certain areas; who are very good at teaching Loving Spiritual concepts; who can help you understand specific dynamics around such issues as verbal abuse or sex addiction etc.  It is possible to find counselors and therapist who can be very helpful in your process."  -  Choosing a Therapist or Counselor with Discernment

In the right hand column below is the introduction I wrote for this page in January of 2000.  I am doing some redesign work for my August 2001 Update, and decided to add a few words.  As I say in the quote just above, no one out there is doing exactly the work I do, because there are not yet any therapists or counselors who have studied my method so that they can help others to learn it.  My approach to the work is unique, powerful, and very effective - and has been accurately described as "taking inner child healing to a new level."   One of the reasons that Co-Dependents Anonymous attendance declined during the mid to late nineties is because people did not know how to take the healing to the next level.  (I include an excerpt from the Joy2MeU Journal in which I talk about this decline on the Finding Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings page.)  The inner child healing paradigm that I have developed is that next level of recovery from codependency that so many people have been seeking. Hopefully, one of these days I will be able to offer training to other healers so that they can learn it for themselves - and be able to teach it to others.

In the meantime, the people listed below, either contacted me directly or were referred by someone who had visited the web site - the descriptions of what they do were supplied by the counselors themselves or the people who sent in the information.  My advice below - which I repeat on my page about choosing a therapist or counselor - is to let your Spirit guide you, and remember that you are the employer.  We all need help along the way.  Your Higher Power will provide you with the help you need.  Perhaps it will be someone you found on this page.  ~  Robert  8-13-01

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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

Back on October 7th 1999 I posted the following notice on the home page of both of my web sites.

I have gotten a great many inquiries lately - both by e-mail and by phone - from people around the country looking for therapists / counselors who do inner child grief work/codependence recovery counseling and therapy.  So, I have decided to throw it out to you all out there: if you know of someone you have had experience with and trust, who is a therapist / counselor that facilitates the emotional energy release/grief work, inner child type of codependence recovery work that I describe (or you are a therapist who resonates with my work) and hopefully also is supportive of Spiritual principles that my web page and book advocate, could you send me contact information so that I can set up a web page for people who are looking for help in any part of the country (or other countries for that matter.)  We will see if there is sufficient response to make such a page viable. 
Please e-mail the information to Robert@Joy2MeU.com  More Will Be Revealed.
As I have mentioned in several of my communications to my e-mail list, I have been a little disappointed in the response.  I had set a target for myself of at least 25 referrals before I posted the page.  As I am getting ready to post this page (January 31, 2000), almost 4 months later, there are 22 - if one counts two 800 numbers and a treatment center.  Of course, right now - as I am trying to finish my site design project which I started working on before Christmas - I am kind of glad there aren't too many. ;-) 

There is not much consistency in the information presented.  Some people wrote a great deal, while others just included basic information.  For some there are contact phone numbers, for others e-mail addresses - and one only gives a name and town.  I guess the ideal would be to have a form for folks to fill out that would outline the type of info wanted.  But I never intended to go into the referral business, I was just responding to a need that presented itself. 

It is about a 50-50 split between therapists who contacted me and people who referred a therapist they had worked with.  Interestingly, out of 19 individual practitioners, two have offices at the same address in Virginia. What are the odds of that happening? 

I do not know these people counseling skills first hand and am not making a personal recommendation - just collecting and making available the information for you to explore. 

The Treatment Center is in Jamaica and sounds wonderful.  (I asked if they had any job openings.) 

At the very bottom of the page, in the 800 numbers section, is a banner for 1-800-Therapists - which is a therapist referral service that will pay me $.05 for every click through to their web site.  The way it works is that, after checking out the information on their web page you can you call their 800 number and one of their trained people helps you to figure out what you are looking for, how much you can pay, etc. - and gives you referrals to mental health professionals in your local area.  As I have mentioned in a recent update announcement (Update11-9) I haven't done banners since early in my web site experience.  I decided to do this one because the specialized nature of this page seemed to be a good fit with the specialized character of this organization and banner.  I also was impressed with the perspective from which the information is presented on the web site.  It is presented from a perspective of empowering the client.  They have pages of good information on how to choose a therapist, what kinds of things to ask in the first interview, what to look for, etc. 

Too often, when we start counseling or therapy, we feel it is somehow shameful, or weak, because of our cultural programming - and come kind of hat in hand, as it were.  We come to the professional from a place of hoping they won't tell us we are the sickest person they have ever met, and there is nothing they can do for us - or at least that was what I was sure was going to happen.  It is important to remember that the person going to the therapist is the employer.  You are the one doing the job interview with the power to decide who gets the job.  You are the one that is going to be paying for services and you have a right to ask questions and to expect to be treated with respect and dignity. 

The standards that this 1-800-Therapists uses to compile their referrals - and the weight they assign to some of questions - are not necessarily the same standards I would use personally.  Their approach is from a traditional mental health perspective - they probably do not give a lot of weight to Spirituality for instance.  (Spirituality, of course, being a very hard quality to quantify.)   I do believe however, that your chances of getting referred to someone who can really help you, are probably better with this service that with, for instance, a New Age type listing that might have standards that sound good but are hard to verify. 

The most important thing which I would say, is let your Spirit guide you.  Talk to a person, meet with them, and see how you feel about them.  Do they feel like someone you can trust?  Does what they have to say resonate?  Do you feel like they are really hearing you?  Whatever experience you have will be an opportunity for growth.  Maybe it is important to go see someone, so that afterwards you can say "No, that person isn't right for me."  You have choices.  You have the right to change your mind.  Going to see a counselor or therapist is not a commitment to them - it is a commitment to you. - Robert  January 2000

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Western US
I will continue to add referrals as they come in.  If you want to change or clarify one I have listed already, let me know.  Comments in " " are from people who sent in info about the healer - while those in ' ' are from the referral themselves.
San Rafael
San Jose
Robert Burney M.A.
Encinitas, CA
Info page: Phone Counseling
E-mail: Robert@Joy2MeU.com
Intenisve Training Workshops
Inner Child Grief Groups
Mary Hoffman, M.A.
Ventura, CA
805 667-7989
E-mail: marymail@aol.com
Webpage: The Work of the Soul
Jo Perry, M.A.
Intuitive Counselor 
Dreamer, Seer, Healer 
(415) 479-5044 
E-mail: oasisjo@aol.com
Monica Godrey, EdD M.F.T
1745 Saratoga Ave suite 208
San Jose, CA 95129
E-mail: monica1122@aol.com
Web Site
Hey, You didn't think I would leave myself out , did you?

Phone Counseling Testimonials

In February 2007, I am starting some inner child healing grief groups as a follow up to my Intensive Training Day Workshops
New 6-09  'I provide Inner Child work and specialize in Shadow work. I have been working primarily with people who have had sexual abuse issues.  I work with both men and women and have worked with couples and families.  I work both in person and over the phone.  I trained in Inner Child work through Lucia Capacchione and use the non dominant hand method to access the voice of the inner child. Thanks for all the work you have put into your site. I always enjoy going to your site and reading more about you, your journey and the work you share.'
New 5-03 'I call my work Dream Journeys.  I do transformational healing work with folks both over the phone and in person.  My work facililtates healing emotional pain from childhood and from other lifetimes, as well as working with present life issues, and future dreams.'
New 8-03 'I just came across your excellent site this evening, while looking for material that will assist in explaining the broader concept of 'codependence' to my clients.  Never before have I seen it described with such heart, clarity and with the spiritual /existential tones tones appropriate for discussing a dynamic so fundamental to the human condition. Thank you !! 
Santa Cruz & Truckee 
Grass Valley
N.E. Los Angeles
Kathryn Hill, MA, LMFT 
Phone: 530-587-7622 
E-Mail:  sierrakathryn@ltol.com
Counseling Services for Batterers (not restricted to physical abuse) ManAlive!
11578 Sutton Way, # 169 
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 478-8085
Casandra Elliott, MFT Intern
Above and Beyond Counseling
3751 Taylor Road, Ste. 2
Loomis, CA  95650
(916) 342-5676 
Diane Kirkland
Kathryn Hill has been studying and working in the fields of body-based healing arts, family therapy and recovery from addictions and childhood abuse since 1974.  She is a Senior Associate and Trainer in the Lomi School, an innovator in the field of body-based psychotherapy.  Prior to her tenure as a single mother, Kathryn, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lectured nationally and taught at Esalen Institute and City University.  She currently maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz and Truckee where she holds ongoing groups for women survivors of childhood abuse and works with individuals, couples and families struggling with depression, anxiety and issues concerned with intimacy. 
New 1-01  'Thank you for the updates, so much excellent reading!  We wondered if you had ever heard of the ManAlive! program originating in Marin County?  Pete Giannini, local facilitator, advises the program is 22+ years old.   There is an active group in Placer County that by participant choice, re-educates from the old "Male Role Belief System" in order to intimate with self and others; advocates a safer community by modeling new behavior; and initiates personal accountability (emotional honesty and responsibility).  There is a companion program called WomanAlive! re-educating participants by choice, who believed their only role was one of "victim."  (Roles are not determined by gender.)' 
New 6-03  e-mail: WomanAlive!
Sacramento & Roseville  916-929-3039
New 2-06  'Yes, I have read your pages on inner child healing and choosing a therapist.  I believe in your philosophy and have not only used it on my own personal journey of emotional recovery, I also use it with my clients at the methadone clinic where  work and also in my private practice.

Adding me to your web page would be a benefit to numerous individuals in this area looking for a therapist who gone through emotional healing and is willing to help them through their own journey to inner peace via your philosophy.'

'I am a Hypnotherapist practicing in N.E. Los Angeles.  I utilize the phenomenon of the trance for direct access to the deeper intelligence of the spirit. In my professional practice (of 7 years) I have found inner child work is THE foundation to recovery and growth.  In my own personal work (of 12 years) it was with a great revelation and excitement that I discovered of this aspect of myself. Your book is now on my recommended reading list to clients. 
I regularly put on my Healing the Child Self workshop for clients and others - more details can be found on my web site.  My workshop is practical and educational.  It is based on the interface between Transpersonal Psychology and the search for spiritual growth and guidance. The work is experiential: guided inner journeys, creative imagery, drawing and group discussion.'

Valynda Dupre´ Ph.D., RMT, LMT, D.D., M.M.T.©
Transformational Healer and Teacher
Gentle Truth Healing
Scottsdale, AZ
Jef Gazley, M.S.
6540 E. Kelton Lane Scottsdale,Arizona 85254. 
Phone is 480-998-0560 or e-mail
'My name is Jef Gazley, and I have been doing inner child work since the early 80's.'

New 11-03 'I just happened upon your website today, as I was checking to see how many people in my area were doing Inner Child Work.  I have loved what I've seen so far. I have been doing work with clients for about 10 years and I work continuously on myself through daily processing and meditation.  I teach people the tools needed to empower the child within and therefore themselves.
New 9-02 Ask the Internet Therapist - includes therapists in different parts of the country. 'We provide quality online counseling and medical help, hypnosis tapes, and mental health educational videos. We are a complete health care clinic online!'

Anne McQuaid, MA, LPC, LISAC
201 E. Lexington Ave.
Phoenix, AZ. 85012
Phone # 602-695-4455
E-Mail - counsanne1@aol.com
'I have been doing inner child work for the past 10 years. I especially like working with relationship issues and codependency. I do individual and group work.'
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
Ph.D., MSW, CRT, CCH, 
Genesis Consultants, Inc.
Phone: 480-704-0603
e-mail: DorothyNed@aol.com
Dr. Robert Roden
1257 W Warner Rd 
Chandler, AZ. 85224 
New 9-05: 'I read your book Dance of the Wounded Souls quite a few years ago. It was one of those books that called out my name in the book store. I am also a therapist and have been for 10 years. Your book talked to me. I loved it. Everything you say is exactly how I feel. I worked at The Meadows in Wickenburg (an inpatient treatment center) for 6 years. I worked with some very profound leaders in the field of codependence, Pia Mellody, Claudia Black, John Bradshaw, etc. Your book is the only one that makes perfect sense to me and it is so easy to read. . . I think that everyone in the world needs to read your book I am your biggest advocate. I have recently left The Meadows and have gone into private practice in Phoenix.  I am only writing to you to let you know how much I admire you. I love your web site and I have told many people about it.'
New 3-02 'I specialize in verbal, physical and sexual abuse recovery. I have trained with John Bradshaw, Thomas Harris, et all. My focus is on mind, body, spirit healing. Through the process of hypnotherapy, I become your guide, aiding you in accessing the power of your subconscious mind to acheive the transformation you desire.' Published Book:  If I'd Only Known...Sexual Abuse in or out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention
New 12-04 - Now based in Phoenix Metaphysical & Spiritual Tours -- Sedona, Arizona, Italy
New 7-04:"I got the impression from your article on choosing the right therapist, that people write to you seeking recommendations in their cities.  I would like to recommend Dr. Robert Roden, of Chandler, Arizona, to anyone in the Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe or Mesa area that is ready to start healing the wounded child within them. . . I have recommended him with great confidence to several people that I have Truly learned to Love.  They have not been disappointed (or shamed) in any way."
Wickenburg, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Sacramento, California
The Meadows is a Treatment Center in that was founded by Pia Melody - one of the pioneers in defining codependency.  They offer week long workshops as well as seminars and training events around the country with their all star staff which includes John Bradshaw, Claudia Black, and Patrick Carnes.
Sierra Tucson is the treatment center I spent 30 days at in the Spring of 1988.  It was a wonderful gift from the Universe and changed my life. I am not sure how much their program has changed since then, but they offer week long intensive workshops in a facility that also includes hot tubs and massages as part of the curriculum.  Sounds pretty good to me. ;-)
New 2-03 This resource came to may attention because I noticed a bumper sticker on the car of a person who goes to the CoDA meetings locally, it said:  "My inner child is an honor student at the Self Awareness Institute."  Sounded good to me, so I checked out their web site and they offer a weekend program focused on emotional healing. 
Mid West US
Manhattan & Salina
Naperville &  Oswego
Roma Drevets Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Counseling Associates 
714 Poyntz, Suite A  Manhattan, Kansas 66502
e-mail:  drromad@yahoo.com
Debbie Koenitz LCPC, ATR-BC
email: debbie.koenitz@gmail.com
Offices in Highland Park, Lake Villa
and Beach Park, Illinois
Gina L. Spielman, LCSW & Associates 
445 W. Jackson Ave., Suite 105 
Naperville, IL 60540
Add'l office in Oswego, IL
E-mail: gs@ginaspielman.com
Web site: www.ginaspielman.com
Susan LeGrand Levine
Hilldale Psychotherapy & Growth Center 
4510 Regent Street 
Madison, WI. 53572
608-231-6731 ext. 7
'Inner Child Therapist 
In addition, I will be opening my practice in Salina, 
Kansas, in the fall.' 
Drevets Counseling Services 
430 South Ohio 
Salina, Kansas 67401 
'I am a licensed clinician in Illinois as well as a registered art therapist. My practice covers the northern suburbs of Chicago along the lakefront.  As an art therapist I also bring into the therapeutic process options of sand tray therapy as well as work with the nonverbal expression of emotions.'
New 7-08 ' 'I have long been studying codependency and working with this population.  I'm so glad to have this site to refer to.  I own a practice of 3 other licensed psychotherapists who are all wonderful!  We offer counseling and hypnotherapy services, as well as holistic healthcare and wellness counseling.  We see clients in both our Naperville and Oswego offices and can also do phone sessions and as well.  We have early am, daytime, evening and weekend appointment times available.  We accept insurance, cash/checks and credit cards.  Sliding-scale fees are available for those in need.'
'I am a Psychotherapist that works with these joyous ideals and have had the privilege of honoring the life journey of my clients involved in difficult life situations.'
Big Rapids
Ann Arbor
Royal Oak 
Bonnie Cripe
Northland Counseling Center 
18554 Northland Drive 
 Big Rapids, Michigan  49307
e-mail: dolphin@netonecom.net
Richard W. Cobb, M.A.
(734) 995-8666
Barb David
Center for Creative Living 
248 414-4050 
Mindy Hitchcock
e-mail:  mlhitchcock@mediaone.net
Gail Geer
Toll free:  866-394-3333
New 11-02  'I am a therapist in Big Rapids, Michigan who does extensive inner child work with my clients.  I am a holistic therapist who looks at mind, body and spiritual issues.  I have a background in working with a variety people through Hospice, Substance Abuse treatment, elderly, children, Viet Nam veterans with PTSD, Abuse victims and more. I am a clinical Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master.    I have also done extensive personal work.'
"The therapist who I have been working with for the last two years is excellent.  His name is: Richard W. Cobb, M.A..  He can be contacted at his Ann Arbor, Michigan phone # (734) 995-8666.  Currently, he is in Michigan.  He does go to Florida during the winter, but at this time he is available in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  If anyone is looking for an excellent therapist, I highly recommend this man!  He has done the inner work himself!!"
"I have an incredible program for you that perhaps you already know about here in Royal Oak Michigan.  It is a program called, "Taking It Lightly" that does grief process work.  It is through the Center for Creative Living.  I have done the program and so have many others.  I think its been around for 15 years.  The therapist there I would recommend is Barb David." 
New 11-00: Barb recently contacted me to tell me that 'we also offer the program, 'Healing the Wounds: A Weekend of Renewal' which deals with shame issues and inner child healing.'
New 1-01 MINDY'S LOVE YOURSELF/HEAL YOUR LIFE WORKSHOPS help women empower themselves:  Learn to truly love yourself, just as you are, and create miracles in your life!  Based on the best-selling book, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay, certified teacher Mindy Hitchcock offers workshops, study courses, and one-on-one guidance, live or by teleconference. 
 Mindy L. Hitchcock is a practicing attorney, and a metaphysical author, lecturer, and workshop facilitator in the Detroit area.
New 1-02 'I'm Gail Geer and I have a personal growth center in the Detroit area. We work with people to see what is standing in their way, what decisions they made when they were very young and how they're still taking these decisions and acting on them in their adult life.  We do inner child work and have different instructors every month.  We are trained in Austin under Bill Riedler of Global Relationship Centers. We work on such things as self-esteem, self-acceptance, intention and results, why we make the decisions we make.  The work is interactive, experiential, fun and very effective.'
Eastern US
New York City
New York & New Jersey
New Jersey
New Jersey
Julia Adino, MSW
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 
e-mail: SERENE1259@aol.com
Dr Irene Matiatos, PhD
Licensed Psychologist in NY & NJ 
Private Practice in Mahwah, NJ & Nanuet, NY
Janice Nitti-Howell, a student of metaphysics for 35 years, is a certified Louise L. Hay Teacher/Trainer.
Loving Life Workshops
e-mail: URTheGift2@aol.com
Charles Barbarow
P.O.Box 1284, Little Falls 
New Jersey 07424 
New 12-06: Website home page
e-mail: cbarbarow@hotmail.com
New 1-01  Julia Andino does grief recovery work in New York City - both within a group modality as well as one-to-one.  She is associated with The Grief Recovery Outreach Program which provides a safe environment for grief recovery.
Check out her web site where she offers free email advice.  Her site Dr. Irene's Verbal Abuse (Site)! is one that I recommend very highly. 
"I am a therapist who does exactly the work you do.  It is a blessing to do this work.  Anyone interested in this kind of healing in New Jersey is welcome to get in touch with me.  I live in Lavallette, NJ."
New 5-02 'Congratulations on your awesome site and outstanding work.'
'I just completed a certification program through John Ruskan, author of Emotional Clearing The Integrative Processing work that I am now Certified to practice with is very similar to the feeling work promoted on your site.  The work that I discovered and applied to myself was so incredibly successful that it gave me the encouragement to pursue my certification to not only sharpen my skills but also to help others.'
Susan J Rockefeller,MHS, CAC, NCACII ~ 50 Elk Court 
Reading, Pa. 19606-9494 
Dan Hunt 
(a.k.a. LightShifter) 
e-mail: Dhunt63866@aol.com
Reverend Dr. Donia Gonzales-Copeland

e-mail: GCOPELANDD@aol.com

New 4-02 'I just listened to your tapes on the wounded soul.  Thanks so much for your efforts.  We have much in common.  I too am in recovery -25 years and have a private practice counseling in non-traditional ways codependency and adult children issues.'  Susan is also involved with Ann Smith Counseling in Harrisburg, PA (800-268-6259) where she is one of the facilitators of a monthly 5 day retreat focused on healing issues from childhood held at a farm near Pennsylvania/Maryland border. Follow these links for more about Susan or the Breakthrough Retreats.
'I do personal empowerment & coaching to gain freedom from any "addiction" which I feel is based upon insecurity (fear) due to the dysfunctional "punishment/reward" system of child rearing used to "whip us into shape".  Please post me as a personal coach in the area who specializes in codependence healing as you on your web page. For those who want to know more about me (LightShifter) they can find my bio on my web page and read my articles also posted there. I am in the Danbury Connecticut area and would counsel over the phone or via e-mail if desired.'
'I do group inner child work and some individual.' 
Dr. Copeland holds a Doctorate in Pastoral counseling and certifications in Herbology, drug and alcohol counseling, aroma-therapy, prayer meditations & relaxation.   She is the associate pastor at the Church of God Chapel in Delaware City, De, And an instructor At Delaware Technical Community College. She was the therapist & chaplain for Bowling Green Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, a coordinator for a homeschool group, and the founder of Renewal of the Spirit Institute.
Judith G. Weaver, Ed.S.
Licensed Professional Counselor 
1820 Country Club Road 
Harrisonburg, VA   22802 and 
16 N. Lee Street Luray, Va 22835
540-433-1291   540-743-7101
Daniel Shenk, LCSW
1820 Country Club Road 
Harrisonburg, Va 22802
Penny A. Norford, Ph.D, L.P.C. 
914 East High Street 
Charlottesville, VA 22902 
(434) 971-7097
e-mail:  Pennor4d@aol.com
Hannah Lloyd, BGS CSAC
Dr. Lewis Weber & Associates
1402 Grandin Road SW Suite 204 
Roanoke, VA 24015
Email: Hannahlloyd@mac.com
Telephone: (540) 815-4214
Web Site
"You can list my therapist for treating Codependence.  She is studying your web site and says your information is excellent.  I have her permission to give you this info."
"There is a therapist I know of that follows the principles or schools of thought that you do (eg, inner child work).  he is:  Daniel Shenk, lcsw"
New 12-02:  'Hello, I am pleased to have discovered your webpage. I have been a therapist in private practice in Charlottesville, Va for about 4 years. Before that, I was a Clinical Director and counselor at Alcohol and Drug programs. . . I want to thank you personally for your webpage. Your articles sound so much like me and the information that I share with clients, especially the spirituality aspects. I will refer my clients to both your webpage and to your book.'
New 9-04: "What a delight to see your site and read your compassionate and clear approach.
I found it looking for an appropriate referral for a client in another area. I've worked in the chemical dependency field for 27 years and treat both chemical dependency and co-dependency.  Special population experience is primarily in treating professionals. Thanks for the site!'
Southern US
Neptune Beach
Judy Saucerman, LCSW
920-C Third Street, 
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
phone  (904) 247-5669 
fax:  904/247-5642 
e-mail:  Jsauce929@aol.com
Kathy Ronemus, MA
Whispering Winds Center for Therapy 
3391 NE Silver Springs Blvd. Suite G-! 
Ocala, FL 34470 
(352) 622-9151
Gordon Nielson, M.S., C.A.A.P.
 5700 Memorial Highway, Suite 214 
Tampa, FL 33615-5258 
 (813) 689-8083
Pam Lesemann, MA, LMHC, CBT
2700 S. Tamiami Tr. Ste. 15 
 Sarasota, FL 34239
New 11-00:  'Thanks for publishing so much good material on codependency.  It is a Joy to see that other helpers are coming from the place that I have wandered around and found for myself.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida.  I have been doing Inner Child work for years. Our office accepts most insurances and will work with clients who are not insured.'
'I am a mature woman (51) who returned to college and graduate school at 40. I am a recovering co-dependent.  While earning my BA in psychology, I was in therapy with a wonderful therapist (clinical psychologist) whose theoretic background, training and experience was Transactional Analysis which is the foundation for inner-child work.  I became an intern with her (Lis Pringle) and participated as an intern in intensive weekend workshops, individual and group therapy sessions.  My MA is from Northeast Louisiana University and it is in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling.  I am currently in the second year of an internship in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy with the Wellness Institute in Washington.  I am certified as an advanced hypnotherapist and at the end of this year will be certified as an advanced clinician in Release/Breath work.  I continue to do my own work on my issues and all of the work that I do as a therapist is founded on the idea that we all have the power to heal ourselves.  I simply am allowed to take the journey with my clients and perhaps help them read the map.'
"I know how I had to look high and low here in Tampa to find someone that had any experience with treating codependency and actually read your book. I feel very fortunate to have found the therapist I did, and it has been very helpful in my recovery.  I did ask for his permission to submit his name for this Referral Page and he said the work you describe in your book is the same work we are doing.  We are not using your book as text. We do work from an Inner Child book and from papers and assignments he gives me."
"Bio-Energetic Therapist 
The work of Pam Lesemann, MA, LMHC, CBT, very much reflects the principles of your book."
Plano & North Dallas 
Sonya Naulta Cunningham, MSW, CCH
Chattanooga Center for Clinical Hypnosis
4300 Dayton Blvd., Suite 100
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Dan Kirkland M.A.M.S. LPC-S, RPT
Kirkland Clinical Associates
331 Melrose Suite 130
Richardson, Texas 75080
phone: (972) 231-2555
fax: (972) 231-2293
web:  Kirkland Clinical Associates
e-mail: dankirkland@kirklandclinical.com
Pamela Smale Williams LPC, LMFT 
3729 Marlborough Court 
Plano, Texas 75075 
Web site: Path Ways Counseling
Dr. Barry Pilson
Metairie, Louisiana
New 9-04: 'I wanted to introduce myself. I do work with inner child issues on a regular basis in my private practice. I don't have a rubber stamp treatment program. I work with the client "where they are" and within their frame of reference. I use Gestalt techniques along with hypnotherapy and NLP. . . I see clients from all over the south east. My website is below. You won't see much 12 step stuff there, at least not overtly, but I assure you, the 12 step philosophy and principles are interwoven into everything I do."
New 2-06 'I am very happy to have found your website. You have put together some very interesting and informative information.'
Statement:  'I will be glad to speak to you by phone at no charge to help you decide what type of counseling or counselor is best for you. Life is too short to spend it struggling with relationships, pain from childhood, or having a life that seems too difficult to manage. Although we may have never met, I want to be there for you. I believe that your life can become better than you ever dreamed of. Let's talk. You have within you what you need to become and be all that you were created to be. I enjoy helping people find that precious person within them that may have gotten lost in the storms of life. There is no judgment or criticism. I have been there, too. I want to help you become all that you want to be! My clients most often say that they appreciate my warmth and my acceptance. There are no pretenses here. We are all fellow travelers on a journey. We are not perfect, nor created to be, and I understand this and accept this.'
New 9-02 'A client of mine referred me to your website. I am enjoying reading through it.'  'As part of cognitive behavioral work that I do, I help in the "reprogramming of dysfunctional codependent attitudes and false beliefs" that interfere with an individual's growth and health. I particularly enjoy Marital counseling, working with couples, and relationship issues. I offer an intelligent blend of cognitive, behavioral, and psychophysiological approaches to fit to each person seen.'
This is all the info sent in.
British Columbia
British Columbia
British Columbia
Joel Brass
PH #(604)885-4400, or (604)731-3231
P.O. Box 1568 
Gibsons, B.C.  V0N 1V0
Clearmind International Institute offers experiential workshops combining the principles of 'A Course in Miracles'® with psychology and spirituality. 

Our programs are a passionate and  playful journey into ourselves, our relationships and the universe.

Tina Duguay
Native Courtworkers & Counselling Association of British Columbia
13529 - 108 Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Phone # 604-588-8430
email: tduguay@nccabc.com
"I have done some inner child workshops and individual work with a counselor named Joel Brass in Vancouver.  He had a radio talk show last year and that is how I found him.  Your work and his are very similar.  I found that the work that I have done with him has certainly not been easy or comfortable but it was a safe place to do the hard growth that had to take place."
New 5-02:  "My name is ____ and I want to refer my two amazing counselors to you.  Their names are Duane O'Kane and Catherine Wyber.  I will give you their web site address for you to check out"   This sounds like a pretty special program. They have retreat centers in Vancouver & Toronto - and also offer retreats in Sweden, London, Chicago, and Florida.
New 2-04:  'My name is Tina Duguay and I work as a counsellor here in British Columbia. I would like to obtain your permission to utilize some of your material in helping others to recover from codependency. Or to at least assist them on their journey.'
Fay Minifie
1000 - 201  21st Street East 
Saskatoon, Sask   S7K 0B8 
Phone:  (306)  665 1954 
Web site:   http://www.corebeliefinfo.com
email: cbe.info@sk.sympatico.ca
Karyl Pope & Associates
192 Plains Rd. E. 
Burlington, Ontario  Canada L7T 2C3 
Phone 905-639-4529 
Marriage, Family & Individual Counseling, Psychotherapy Courses & Workshops, Group Psychotherapy, Advantage-Employee Assistance Programs
Web site: http://www.kpopeassoc.on.ca/
E-mail: info@kpopeassoc.on.ca
Esther Bartkiw
2477 Glenwood School Drive, Unit 202
Burlington, Ontario
Canada  L7R 3R9
 Core Belief Engineering Psychotherapist 
E-mail: esther@changefromwithin.ca
Web site: www.changefromwithin.ca
'You have a beautiful web site and I resonate with it very much.  My own 12 step history is in Overeaters Anon.  I am now a counselor associated with a Vancouver based school which teaches Core Belief Engineering.' - Fay
New 10-03:  'I am delighted to find your web site and to refer my clients to it.  I find your philosophy very much like my own and your experiences with terrible therapists sounds so very familiar to me. . . . I think your site is a great gift to people who are suffering."
New 2-07:  'Core Belief Engineering is a results oriented psychotherapy that works to change limiting beliefs, behaviors, decisions and strategies in both the conscious and subconscious mind. Holding positive life enhancing beliefs allows you to move forward in life fulfilling your goals and dreams.  A great deal of the negative and limiting beliefs we hold were instilled upon us in our childhood. A time when we accept ideas and concepts readily without questioning them. Children also come to many subconscious conclusions about themselves and the world around them without full information or from distorted points of view. It is essential to explore and discover these negative beliefs and root them out at their core in order to experience real and lasting change.
 Thank you for a great website with a wealth of information.'
Saint John
New Brunswick
Ralph Van Walleghem
Certified addiction counsellor
Calgary Alberta
Phone: 403-818-2277 
Web site: www.recoverme.ca
E-mail: ralph@recoverme.ca

Clear Haven Drug Rehab Center
1601 Rochon Road
Chertsey, Quebec, Canada J0K 3K0
toll free: (877) 465-8080
Nicholas Barry 
Professional Services  Addiction Counselling, Consulting and Seminars for the Workplace 451 Ridge Row, Saint John,  New Brunswick, Canada, E2M 4A2  PH: 506-672-2618, FAX, 506-672-2619
New 7-08:  'Hi Robert, I ordered your book from you several years ago. I just recently referred a client to your website and saw your new content which is really a gift to the recovery community.  I am an internationally certified alcohol and drug counsellor and certified experiential therapist. I have been in my own personal recovery from alcohol, codependence and abuse since 1985. I provide clients with weekly ongoing group and individual counselling. I incorporate the twelve steps, transactional analysis theory, inner child, emotional release/grief work and experiential therapy. I have been involved with group counselling since 1991 and been in private practice since October 2004.'
New 10-04:  The Clear Haven Center is one of Canada's foremost alcohol and drug rehab centers, providing  affordable residential treatment programs that focus on one-to-one counseling and holistic rehabilitation - with inspiring facilities on 122 beautiful country acres. One hour from Montreal.
'This is a great web page that you put together. Thank you.' - Nicholas
New 3-07  "Dear Robert, I realy liked your web page, I thought it was very clear and extremely well thought out. I do inner child therapy work influenced by John Bradshaw and by C. G. Jung."

"Each of us, if we so choose, can go willingly into the labyrinth, find, befriend and nourish our inner child and bring our true self out of hiding"
 Claire Odeon Hershman
is a fully accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and works in both the NHS and private practice.
Islington, London
phone: 020 7226 9218
E-mail: claire.odeon@btinternet.com
Web site: innerchildtherapy

Tove Frisvold
'Thank you for your incredible guidance in to Co-Dependancy through your book . . ! I am a psychotherapist myself who has worked through the 12-step program (and understand the program is for life so I attend meetings wether I am abroad or here) and agree with everything you say about "uptight" counsellours - therefore I try to keep an eye on myself in every session I have with a client/clients. I have also understood about the Inner Child and  always try to work on finding the "initial" hurt in the client and then start the healing process.  To do that I often recommend that the client should go to spiritual healing parallel to work with me.'
phone: 07792 068 349
E-mail: tf@amberbridge.co.uk
Web site: A Need to Talk
Halifax West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
New 5-03  'I began training in drama therapy then qualified in a psychodynamic environment and finally in psychosexual therapy.  Many developement and practice years later I use many schools of thought, techniques, and learnings to provide an environment based on equality, empowerment, witness, and love. I see developement and spirituality as a journey. I know inner child work and origional pain healing as a great truth.  A precious gift and a delicate flower. I have an ability to facilitate well. I am a member of BACP and BASRT (affiliated to UKCP) and abide by their code of ethics and practice.'
 Roz Ottery BA (hons)
E-mail: roz@ottery.org.uk
British Channel Islands
The Isle of Jersey 
British Channel Islands
New 8-02  'I am an independent therapist with 22 yrs clean & sober, and am totally convinced that original pain /shame, and the release of same is vital.  Your book is very accurate" "I am accredited by the British Medical Hypnotherapy examinations board.  Also the Brief Strategic Therapy Foundation. I am excited to be going in September to do the "residential" with Kip Flock - the original "Bradshaw " pain workshop.'
Mr. Cliff Le Clercq
M.B.S.C.H. M.S.B.S.T
 LIFE CLINIC, 2nd. floor ste. 26 Halkett Street, St. Helier, Jersey  British Channel Islands
E-mail: cliff.leclercq@jerseymail.co.uk
Phone: 44 1534 888 456
The Healing House
 The Healing House provides space for healing by enabling healers, counselors and therapists to run courses and give individual sessions in activities ranging from spiritual healing, massage, reflexology and yoga to counseling, psychotherapy and much more.  They have at least one regularly scheduled course dealing with inner child healing, and several counselors who address these issues. 
24 O'Connell Avenue, Berkeley Road, 
Dublin 7,  Ireland 
Tel: 01-830 6413 
Fax: 01-830 6060 
E-mail: info@HealingHouse.ie
North Adelaide 
South Australia
New 6-04  'I am Program Director for a major Addiction and Co-dependency Treatment centre in Adelaide South Australia.  We actully run an intensive 24 week treamtent program for Co-dependency....a lot of the program is based on Bradshaw, Pia Melodie, Terry Kellogg Material etc and some 12 step philosophy.  We also specialize in Process addictions such as Gambling, Spending sex addiction, etc."
Robert Mittiga
GATS Counselling and Treatment Services
P.O.Box 933
North Adelaide
Ph 61 8 8267 6069
New 2-07 Website: gatscounselling.com
Email: gatstreatment@optusnet.com.au

800 Phone Counseling

"With respect to your request for the names of therapists with whom we have had experience I would like to recommend Betty Lue Lieber a Ph.D psychologist who titles herself as a PsychoSpiritual Therapist. She is GOOD!!  She is insightful, direct at least with me, and very experienced.  She lives and works in Walnut Creek, California and can be reached by calling 1-800-919-2392, her voice mail, and her office is 925-937-7137.  I have recommended her to several friends and what I heard back from them is fantastic."

Someone in Norway seconded this recommendation: 

"i second this recommendation-- i used her on ___'s recommendation by phone and she was a tremendous help-- worth every penny and there were quite a few......."
 A new resource 1/06: National Directory of Marriage & Family Counselors

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