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As an almost complete computer illiterate I launched my original web site The Joy to You & Me Web Site on February 28th, 1998 @  To say it was very crude, is a kindness.  But I kept working at it and improving it.  It evolved over the year into a pretty functional web site - at least, in terms of my purpose and intent which was to share content rather than to be a graphics designer.  That is still my intent and purpose, as a matter of fact - to share my experience, strength, and hope.  And, of course, it would make me real happy to sell a bunch of my books in the process.

When I launched my domain site, Joy2MeU, on February 4th 1999, I started transferring pages from my original site to the new site.  I had the intention all along of keeping Joy to You & Me going indefinitely - if for no other reason than the realities of the web dictate that I would have to keep an account with even if it was just to post a referral page to the new site, so why not keep that site going.  Part of the reality of the world wide web is that it takes some time to get a site established so that it is getting found on search engines and through referrals from other sites.  Even now, January 31st 2000, as I get ready to post my redesign of in recognition of the first anniversary of that site and the second of the silcom site, the silcom site is still getting more hits than the site that has only been out there a year. I believe that will change in the coming months but still have no plans to drop the Joy to You & Me site any time in the foreseeable future.

I have transferred all of the pages from the old site to the new, and kept adding additional pages to both so that they contain the same basic information.  The only difference is the pages that are listed on this page.  I have no plans (or time) to transfer these pages to Joy2MeU any time soon - so I provide links here to those pages for anyone interested in checking them out.  The Newsletters and Question & Answer pages actually form kind of a chronicle of the evolution of the web site through the later half of 1998 - as well as chronicling my journey, my process through those months.  So, here they are for your perusal.  I hope you find some enjoyment and/or some helpful insights.

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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls
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I have added a bookstore to Joy2MeU which contains the same books as the one on Joy to You & Me - but does not include the Amazon UK links.

Joy to You & Me Recommended Books

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Newsletters in which Codependence therapist/Spiritual teacher Robert Burney author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls informally discusses his own process in relationship to his web site in newsletters to his e-mailing list.

The update/newsletters for the Joy to You & Me Web Site are now arranged in chronological order so that anyone new may read them in order to see how the web site has evolved.

Joy to You & Me Newsletter I  -  July 1, 1998 - 
This page contains the first newsletter/update that was sent out. Topics of the newsletter on this page include: emotionally honest role models, the dysfunction of traditional therapy, powerlessness, Spiritual Truth, I teach best what I need most to learn.

Joy to You & Me Newsletter II  -  Newsletter for August 15, 1998
Topics of the newsletter on this page include: messenger of Truth and Love, Web site experience, search engines, frustration, relaxing, surrender, acceptance, Let Go and Let God, Feeling the feelings.

Joy to You & Me Newsletter III  -  Newsletter for 8/23/98 and 10/25/98
Topics of the newsletter on this page include: making plans, letting go of the plans, birth of the question and answer pages, integrating my Spiritual belief system into my emotional responses to life, Opportunity for growth disguised as car break down, Positive Affirmations, emotional balance, Unconditionally Loved in every moment

Joy to You & Me Newsletter IV  -  Newsletter for November 22, 1998
Topics of the newsletter on this page include: Abundance, old tapes, planting seeds, God's time, Burning at the stake, web site, Happy Joyous & Free, The Glorious Exciting Adventure, Twelve Steps and Principles, opening to receive, tithing, this too shall pass, More Will Be Revealed

Joy to You & Me Newsletter V  -  Newsletter for January 1999  #1 part 1
Topics of the newsletter on this page include:  eruption of Joy & Love & Dazzling Light, critical mass, opened my heart, planetary healing process just got turned up a notch, Second Coming, I AM A MESSIAH, Oprah, credit cards, Joy2MeU e-mailing community, new award, The Emotional Frontier Within.  This Newsletter came out in two parts. 1999 #1 Part 2 can be reached from 1999 #1 part 1.

Q & A 3 has been converted to a regular page on this site Jesus & Mary Magdalene
The Buddhism parts of Q & A 8 is the foundation for the page on this site about Buddha and Buddhism
Part of Q & A 1 has now been expanded to a series on the site The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages!

Question & Answer Pages

This is an index for the question and answer pages where Robert shares his experience, strength, and hope by posting the questions he receives by e-mail and the responses which he sends back.
Go to Q & A 1 - Questions from Vermont, England, Alaska, Oregon about being "Confused & lost" + "where to start?" + others - responses about  inner dialogue to combat shame, setting boundaries with the inner child, learning to cry, my next book, etc.  -  (posted August 23rd 1998

Go to Q & A 2  - "Selfishness" + "Does it really get any better?" + others - Delayed Stress Syndrome or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, "good" selfish vs "bad" selfish, reply about web site that says codependence movement is ruining marriages, Mother Theresa, Metaphysical questions  -  (posted 8-30-98)

Go to Q & A 3  - Jesus & Mary Magdalene - a long response to a question about Jesus, sexuality, and the bible  -  (posted 8-28-98)

Go to Q & A 4 - About Anger, Intimacy and Anger, Being Angry at God, the disease minimizes, loneliness, anger vs rage, Zipidee Do Dah -  (posted 9-9-98)

Go to Q & A 5 - About Romantic Relationships & Process Work - the devastation of emotional abuse, blaming, sorting out the inner messages, being powerless over the future, Unconditional Love does not mean being a doormat  -  (posted 9-13-98)

Go to Q & A 6 - Some far out Metaphysical stuff including The Eternal Now, parallel dimensions, memories of the future, previously unpublished quotes from The Dance of Wounded Souls Trilogy  Book I "In The Beginning. . . ." (posted 10-25-98)

Go to Q & A 7 - This page covers Infidelity and a broken marriage, you are not alone, emotionally unavailable spouse, Passive-aggressive, obsession, intuition - (posted 10-25-98)

Go to Q & A 8 - This page covers Buddhism, suffering alcoholics, the humility to receive, dysfunction in Japanese culture, sexual abused and overweight, the horribly shameful secret for incest survivors - (posted 11-21-98)

Go to Q & A 9 -  This page covers dependence of nicotine, stop judging and shaming ourselves, Unconditionally loved, progress - not perfection, cigarettes were a tool, we can change behaviors out of Love not shame and judgment,  grateful to be a non-smoker.

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