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I have now added FreeFind - which offers several advantages: I am able to update the indexing at any time - which means as soon as I post a new page, I can get it added to the site data base immediately; and it allows includes a service for monitoring of a page.  By signing up to be notified any time the New page changes, you can keep current on any changes or additions.
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If you click on the monitor link it will take you to a page where you can enter your email address (which they say they never sell.)  They do give you the option of signing up for a bunch of different categories of email advertising - which you can avoid by simply clicking on the Skip button. 

FreeFind also generates a site map, in three different versions - but all three are basically just list of the pages, so the site index page is a better bet for site map purposes. I am not sure how well the What's New feature works yet - as right now it shows most of the pages as new. FreeFind indexed the pages of my site that no other search engine can - so includes the updates and second pages of longer articles, etc. - a total of 176 pages (as of September 1, 2001.)

FreeFind results pages will include a banner advertisement on the top of the page and a shopping search at the bottom.

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