The Attack on America: A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness

A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness in response to September 11 Attack on America and destruction of the World Trade Center.  An online book being published on the Joy2MeU web site of Spiritual teacher, codependency counselor, pioneering inner child therapist Robert Burney - the author of the Joyously inspirational book of Mystical Spirituality Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.
"The wars outside of us are a reflection of the war within.  Humans have been at war within and without for thousands of years.  The wars, the violence, the rape of mother Earth that is happening, are all caused by the war within being projected outward.
(Quotes in this color are from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney)

This page list the contents of the chapters of this online book which shares a Spiritual perspective on the terrorist attack of Sept. 11th, and discuses the event and it's aftermath as a manifestation of codependency, and an opportunity for healing - on an individual personal level, in terms of international relations, and in relationship to healing the planet.  To go to the first chapter of the book click here Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective

Chapter 1 - Attack on America - A  Spiritual Healing Perspective  -  published September 22nd

Focuses on:  how to respond personally to the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 in way that maximizes healing and aligns with Spiritual Truth, and how the Destruction of the World Trade Center and this Attack on America present us collectively with a heroic opportunity for healing and Spiritual Awakening in the New Age that has dawned in human consciousness.

Sub topics include:  Emotional Cataclysm in the New Age - Codependence Manifested;  Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls;  A Healing Perspective for Old Souls;  Emotional Healing - Owning our Grief;  Death as Transition; If you lost a loved one.

Some Quotes:

"Feel your feelings and release them.  Give yourself permission to let it all out.   Wail and scream and sob.  Try not to let the messages of an emotionally dysfunctional society, or the discomfort of emotionally repressed people around you, keep you from owning the grief to the fullest.  They want you to pull it together and get yourself under control so they will be comfortable.  Let it out!  Release it!  Do not shame yourself for it, or apologize - it is marvelously healing to grieve.  Owning our grief is part of being True to self.  In an emotionally honest society Dan Rather would have been crying and sobbing on his own program - serving as a role model for others - instead of keeping up appearances and stuffing his grief until some of it leaked out on the David Letterman Show."

"There is however, a very significant difference between those earlier unforgettable moments in history and the terrorist attack on America that took place on September 11th 2001.  That difference is the context in which many people are viewing this event.  The context is different because a New Age dawned in human consciousness in the late Twentieth Century - an age of Spiritual Awakening, a very special time of healing."

"The events of September 11th and the reactions that have been generated by that life event are all about codependence in my view.  The act itself was a desperate codependent acting out - the act of wounded souls lashing out at an external manifestation they are blaming for their pain.  The reaction from most people in the United States has been very much a codependent reaction.  The genesis of the terrorist act was in fact - at least in part - the result of the codependent relationship that the United States of America has with the rest of the world."

"I am deeply sad and enraged that once again in the history of humanity, religious beliefs have been be so twisted and perverted as to allow a man as sick as Osama bin Laden to provoke an obscenity such as this in the name of his God - and a man like Jerry Falwell to speak obscenities that he claims come from his God."

"It is because there is more than one level of reality that life is paradoxical in nature. . . . . What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, God calls a butterfly.

Humans have always had expressions that describe the paradoxical nature of the life experience.  Every ending is a beginning.  Every cloud does have a silver lining."

"One day at a time.  One hour at a time.  Five minutes at a time you can get through this.  There is a Loving Force in the Universe.  It is on your side - it just doesn't feel like it right now."

Chapters 2 through 11 of Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective are now only available in the pay to view Dancing in Light component of - or in the Joy2MeU Journal.

Chapter 2 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  -  published September 23rd

Focuses on:  polarity as the cause of the human condition, and points out the toxic concept of God that is at the foundation of Islamic, Judaic, and Christian civilization.  Also discusses the twelve step recovery process and it's value in dealing with the toxic shame and polarized thinking of codependency.

Sub topics include:  Polarization;  Toxic Shame at the Core - The Cosmic Perspective;  Codependency: A Dance of Black and White Thinking and Toxic Shame;  Recovery - aligning with Love instead of shame;  Working the steps, applying the principles in our lives;  So, what can we do about this?

Some Quotes:

"At the core of the disease of codependence is black and white thinking.   It is a symptom of the Human Dilemma.  Polarized thinking was, in fact, the cause of the Human Dilemma.

The energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness is no longer reversed to the Truth of Love.   That is why this is a New Age.  It is why it is possible for us to Awaken Spiritually and do the emotional healing.  A Transformational Healing Process has begun on the planet Earth

The Lower Mind - the energy field of Collective Human Intellectual Consciousness - is however, still polarized.  That will change when enough people have done their individual healing so that the energy of the Lower Mind reaches critical mass in relationship to polarity (the hundredth monkey.)"

"The behavior of the hijackers who participated in the Attack on America, was indeed shameful behavior.  It was morally wrong from any sane person's perspective.  That does not make them shameful beings.  It does not make them subhuman.  Because a person commits a monstrous act does not mean they are a monster.  Their behavior was a reaction to their emotional wounds and twisted distorted mental perspectives.  They were Spiritual beings - a perfect part of the ONENESS that is ALL THAT IS.  Their beings, their essence, was/is Divine - an extension of the Source Energy.

Their behavior was insane and monstrous.  It was evil.  Their views of Islam were twisted and perverted."

"The basic beliefs underling Islam come from the same source as the beliefs that underlie Christianity and Judaism - the Old Testament.  It is the Bible that is at the foundation of the belief systems of Western Civilization. . . . .

The twisted, distorted beliefs of the Old Testament - with it's angry, judgmental, vengeful male vision of God - are at the foundation of the beliefs, the intellectual paradigm, that humans in Western Civilization have used to define reality"

"With the events of September 11th, as with any life event, we do not have any choice in experiencing the event - but we do have the power to choose how we respond.  Codependency is characterized by reaction out of black and white thinking and fear based emotional programming. . . . . . . The bottom line goal, as it is always in recovery / healing / Spiritual growth, is to access the wisdom to accept the things we cannot change, and the willingness and courage to change the things we have the power to change within us.

Accepting the reality of life does not mean we have to like it, does not mean we are not going to have feelings about life events and other people's behavior.  We are supposed to have feelings.  What is dysfunctional - does not work - is reacting emotionally to life events and other people out of our childhood emotional wounds and attitudes.  We are not being present in the now when we are reacting out of the past."

"As long as we are reacting to old wounds and old tapes we cannot respond to the now.  The more we heal, the more responsibility we have - that is, ability to respond.  The ability to respond in the moment.

By honoring and releasing the sadness and the pain and the anger we can get to the Joy and the Love and the Peace.  By stopping the war within we can create world peace.  Not today.  Probably not in our lifetimes.  It will take generations (unless the "hundredth monkey effect" kicks in) but the process has begun!

The planet's energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness is now positively aligned with Truth.  Besides the planet, putting the world together is not our job.  Our job is to find wholeness within ourselves.  Our job is to heal - that is why we are here."

Chapter 3 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  -  published September 25th

Focuses on: the responsibility that the United States of America has in setting this dynamic in motion and the need of America to take an honest inventory instead of just acting out of polarized us vs them thinking.  In the process of writing this, Robert discovers some black and white thinking of his own and taps into some deep feelings he had been denying.

Sub topics include:  Us vs them:  America the Codependent;  honest inventory;  Unexpected change of course;  Alternate Perspectives;  Be Aware Americans.

Some Quotes:

"Americans have a right to be proud of their country - and not only the right, but the duty to defend it.

What I feel sad and scared about, is that I am seeing way too much of the "Love it or leave it" kind of patriotism out there right now.  The kind of us vs them mentality that is all too common in human history - that is a dynamic in every war that has ever been fought in the history of mankind.  This kind of polarized reaction dehumanizes and demonizes "them" with a sweeping generality that includes many people innocent of any involvement - that spawns attacks on mosques and innocent Arab-Americans.  On a practical level this is very dysfunctional because it can polarize those who are included in the generality into siding with "them."  On a Spiritual level it is the kind of dehumanization that is necessary for any racism, hatred, prejudice and capacity to commit violent acts - and seeing others as less than human debases and wounds both us and them."

"Now, I am not saying that we should not hold the people responsible for this despicable atrocity, accountable for their actions.  I personally - from my human perspective - would like to see the whole Taliban leadership not only wiped out but tortured to death for what they are doing to the Afghan people, especially to women.  (Some vestiges of my rage at human injustice and cruelty still within I see.;-)

It is important for the United States to defend itself.  Just as individuals need to have boundaries and be willing to defend them, so too do countries.  Because we are learning how to Love and trying to live Spiritual lives, does not mean that we do not have to take responsibility for defending ourselves."

"What I am getting in touch with here is how much I Love the United States of America and it's people. . . . . . . It is quite a surprise to me to see the depths of feelings I am tapping into."

"The United States of America has a long history of supporting right-wing Fascist dictatorships that slaughter, impoverish, and starve their own citizens.  Muslims did not just arbitrarily decide to designate the US as the enemy."

"Some "spiritual" people condemn all violence.  That is black and white thinking.  All violence is ultimately not aligned with Truth because any violence against another human being is violence against Self - we are all ONE.  However, our reality right now as human beings is that sometimes violence is necessary to defend ourselves in the world we live in.  It would not be Loving to ourselves to not have police or military in the world we live in.  We may not like that, but we need to accept it."

"And we can pray that the young American warriors, the men and women, who will be wounded, maimed, and killed in the process will be actually dealing with the people responsible. . . . . . . . We have a pattern of inflicting pain and suffering on innocent civilians - collateral damage - which creates more terrorists. . . . .The Afghan people are suffering horribly at that hands of the Taliban.  Just as the Iraqi people have been, and are suffering, from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, and the Iranian people from their twisted religious leadership.

The actions of these terrorists was monstrous and horrifying.  But it was not some isolated incident that came out of nowhere, it was not just the product of the very sick and twisted mind of Osama bin Laden. . . . . . . Never was a war more unwinnable than this one - a war against people who want to be martyrs, who will strike anywhere. . . . . . . The more the US acts out of self righteous arrogance, the more suicide bombers will be created."

Chapters 2 through 11 of Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective are now only available in the pay to view Dancing in Light component of - or in the Joy2MeU Journal.

Chapter 4 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  -  published October 5th

Focuses on:  the masculine - feminine imbalance caused by planetary conditions that led to abusive patriarchal societies, and on the monumental opportunity to heal polarity offered by the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

Sub topics include:  Dysfunctional Civilizations;  Adam and Eve;  The Spiritual Evolutionary Growth Process;  We have a Dream.

Some Quotes:

"Part of the reason that there has been such an abusive and patriarchal structure to civilized society is because men have been baffled, confused, and scared of women since the dawn of recorded history.  Women have the power to conceive life.  There is no greater or more important power in the human species.  A woman's ability to conceive and bring forth life gives women an opportunity and capacity to experience Love in a way no man ever can.  Men have been jealous and terrified of the power of that Love - and of the power of their own desire to unite with and experience that Love - and reacted to their fear by attempting to subjugate, dominate, and diminish the inherent power of women."

"There are very complicated and complex issues at the core of this war that is unfolding.  When I referred to having some peace with the Muslim world, I certainly wasn't saying that there were not some fundamental issues involved, that it would be easy to resolve cultural differences - I was just referring to the ways our black and white, us vs them, thinking had exacerbated the situation.  I was referring to the possibility that maybe if the US was seen as not such an arrogant and intractable enemy, that perhaps a coexistence could occur while US society was evolving and growing - and hopefully Muslim society would get the opportunity to evolve also.  As long as we are in a fight for survival between us and them neither side is going to be able to address the core issues very effectively. "

"I saw a few minutes of Larry King's show the other night when he had people representing different religions on his show.  One of the Christian ministers kept saying how Christianity was all about love and forgiveness - but that the only way to heaven was through Jesus Christ, and everyone else would go to hell.

That is blasphemy.  That is the kind of perverted, twisted, evil message that goes against everything the teachings of Jesus Christ represent.  It is the kind of blind, ignorant, ridiculous message that has so perverted Christianity over the years.

What most Christians do not realize is that Jesus did not start Christianity.  Paul started the religion that became Christianity."

"The myth states that Eve tempted Adam to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree - the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  So Eve gets cursed because Adam does not have the courage to take responsibility for his actions and just say no.  Eve gets blamed for polarity."

"The terrorist attack of September 11th was a wake up call of massive proportions.  The dynamics of conflict in the Middle East - the cradle of Western Civilization - has provided a perfectly rational window into the wounded soul of civilization on this planet.  The dysfunction at the foundation of Western Civilization - which because of it's aggressive male focus has dominated the history of the planet - stands revealed to those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear."

"Because of mystical messengers that have gone before me - paradigm busters who shattered my box - I was led to larger and larger perspectives.  People like:  Richard Bach and Betty Ford;  John Bradshaw and Melody Beattie;  Carl Jung and Martin Luther King;  Carlos Castanado and Joseph Campbell;  Bob Dylan and William Shakespeare - human beings following their path to the best of their ability and speaking their truth as clearly as they could.  Anyone who wrote, spoke, sang, played, painted, performed, whatever, from their heart and soul so that I resonated with some nugget of Truth that helped me to remember that yes indeed, The Force is with me and everything does happen for a reason.  The puzzle does make sense when I raise my consciousness high enough to see it from a larger and more Loving perspective."

Chapter 5 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  -  published October 14th

Focuses on:  the importance of the United States in the dawning of the New Age, the brilliance of the concept of powerlessness, focusing on progress rather than perfection, and calls on New Age gurus such as Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch and James Redfield to please expand their consciousness and stop putting out polarized, shaming messages.

Sub topics include:  Progress not perfection; The United States is the best and the brightest;  The Concept of Powerlessness; A little personal inventory; Surrendering to Expanding Consciousness; Enlarging the New Age Paradigm.

Some Quotes:

"This is great.  It is definite progress in the maturing of the United States as a country.  The US has made a lot of progress in the last forty years or so - and at an increasing rate in the last 10 to 15 years.  There is still a long ways to go however.  We are a country which has only begun - in the last generation or two - to start changing very ignorant attitudes and behaviors towards women, children, and minorities who are different in race, religion, sexual orientation or whatever.

The polarized thinking of codependence, which is characterized by attempts to overcome toxic shame about being human by reacting out of a black and white belief system - blame them so I don't have to blame me - still empowers a lot of denial and intolerance in this country.  The collective consciousness of America has been / is being dragged - kicking and screaming much of the way - out of the patriarchal, bigoted, self righteous superiority of the dysfunctional and intolerant (fear based) codependent mind set that has so ruled human evolution on this planet."

"The United States is the best and the brightest.  It is the cradle which nurtured the freedom of individual to seek Spiritual answers.  It is the birth place of twelve step recovery which had a very large part to play in the Spiritual revolution that is the New Age."

"I believe that in a hundred years historians will look back and pinpoint this milestone as the single most important event in the twentieth century.  This milestone was the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron, Ohio, in June of 1935."

"One of the most brilliant aspects of the twelve step process is the concept of powerlessness.  Even though the twelve steps themselves - in their commonly accepted version - contain shaming black and white language ('defects of character' are actually adapted emotional and behavioral defenses) the Spiritual principles underling the process are ancient Metaphysical Truth.  The twelve steps are a formula for integrating Spirituality into day to day human life - and the concept of powerlessness is brilliantly intuitive, mystical gift from a Loving Great Spirit."

"I mentioned in an earlier chapter, that I was shocked to get in touch with a very deep level of Love for the United States of America.  I was shocked because I had built up a thick layer of defenses in my relationship with this country.  I had built a wall of passive-aggressive cynicism and emotionally dishonest indifference around my heart in relationship to the United States.  I did that in codependent reaction to how much my heart has been broken by my country."

"After the events of September 11th, an email message with the same kind of shaming statements went around - attributed to not only Marianne Williamson but also to Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman, James Redfield and Doreen Virtue. . . . . .

A great majority of New Age teachers and writers are still empowering polarity and shame about human emotions by communicating this kind of message.  Please stop and think about what you are doing.  This message is not aligned with Love and ONENESS.  This type of message supports the disease.  PLEASE STOP IT!"

Chapter 6 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  -  published October 18th

Focuses on:  the Joy and peace possible through applying 12 step recovery principles to life, the importance of the grief process and inner child healing in achieving balance through emotional honesty and responsibility, and how the present world situation is a reflection of the dynamics of codependency revealed in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.

Sub topics include:  My Recovery Process; Human Emotions;  Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light; Grand and Compelling;  The Dance of Wounded Souls.

Some Quotes:

"The purpose of me making plans is to provide God with a framework in which to teach me about surrender, acceptance, patience, and Faith.

Maybe some of you have heard the joke;  If you want to make God smile, make plans.  We need to take responsibility for being co-creators of our lives, but we need to realize that we are not in control of the outcome.  As long as I am trying to dictate to my Higher Power how I think my life needs to unfold, I will set myself up to feel like a victim of life."

"Fear of the unknown is a primal human emotion.  We are all Magnificent Spiritual Beings temporarily experiencing life on this planet in these human body vehicles.  As long as we are experiencing life in human body we will also feel fear on occasion.

I used to get very upset in AA meetings when I would hear some emotionally dishonest old timer pontificate about how fear was the absence of faith. If we did not feel fear we would not need faith!  Faith is feeling the fear and walking through it anyway.  Faith and courage are what allow us to move through our fear into the unknown - make the empty handed leap into the void."

"What I want to emphasis here, is that yes it is vitally important to align our intellectual paradigm with Spiritual Truth and Love so that we stop generating emotional energy out of fear and shame.  But changing that programming does not make the emotional energy which we generated in the past disappear.  It is vital in our Spiritual Awakening process to own and release the grief from the past or it will keep us trapped in those repeating behavior patterns.

In my opinion, far too many spiritual teachers and New Age healers dismiss and discount the emotional wounds - view certain emotions as negative - and therefore are still empowering polarity and shame."

"The more I have learned to accept wherever I am at today as a perfect part of the unfolding of a Loving Divine Plan - no matter how uncomfortable or painful or terrifying, no matter how imperfect I appear from a human perspective - the easier my life has become.  The more I integrated a Loving Spiritual belief system into my internal process - one aligned with Love and ONENESS - the easier it has been for me to surrender to the flow of my growth process."

"The terrorist attack on September 11th, was a blatant and straightforward manifestation of the dynamics of codependence that I explained in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.  The subtitle of that book is A Cosmic Perspective of Codependence and the Human Condition.  That book is a work of mystical Spirituality.  I believe it is a Divinely inspired message to remind all wounded souls of the Truth of Love and ONENESS. . . . It feels to me, like this online book that is now pouring out of me, Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness is an explanation and expansion of that message - a more direct and detailed expression of that mystical vision."

Chapter 7 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  -  published October 26th

Focuses on:  this being the age of atonement - in the sense of tuning into higher vibrational energy of Love and Truth, not in the sense of judgment and punishment, and how Robert's quest for a Loving concept of God led to his learning how to clear his inner channel to intuitive, mystical understanding.

Sub topics include:  Age of Atonement; being a clear channel;  For All My Relations; relative Truth - finding what works to bring balance and serve Love;  Mystical Messenger or delusional psycho;  the intricate perfection of the process;  Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Some Quotes:

"What I discovered is that I do not have to trust me.  I just need to trust the process.  By trusting that there is a Higher Power who is Unconditionally Loving and All-Powerful - and doing my part as the co-creator of my life - I have been able to relax and start enjoying life to an extent that I had never imagined possible."

"My focus over the years of recovery (January 3rd 2002 will mark 18 years) was my quest to find a concept of a Higher Power that was Loving.  I felt so much shame about my being that I had to find a really huge, powerful concept to start opening up to the possibility that I might be lovable.  At the same time I was searching to find a Higher Power, I was desperately seeking to understand my own internal process so I could stop suffering and wanting to die."

"None of the details of any of these explanations of the unexplainable should be taken too seriously or literally - it is impossible to describe the indescribable.  They are merely tools to facilitate a paradigm shift in consciousness - to help us open up to larger definitions of the Creation than those we were taught in childhood.  The goal here is to empower a more expansive context within which to view the dance of life - one which allows for a perspective of human existence that does not include shame and sin."

"I was explaining to someone in a phone counseling session the other day, about how important I believe a Loving Spiritual belief system is in recovery.  She said, but that is just a crutch, you are just playing a mind trick on yourself.

I said, so what.  It works.  Who can know what the Ultimate Truth really is?  Not me.  I choose a belief system that helps make my life easier and more enjoyable today.  That works for me. That is the bottom line - it is functional. . . . . .

That is how I have arrived at a more balanced way of living life, at a way that makes life a lot more enjoyable.  If god really is judgmental and punishing, I will find out soon enough - that doesn't mean I have to let it mess up my life today. ;-)"

Chapter 8 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness published November 8th

Focuses on:  metaphysical aspects of healing emotional energy that is manifested on the Etheric plane in the emotional body - after pointing out how projecting our inner child wounds externally has impacted both Osama bin Ladin and George W. Bush.

Sub topics include:  At War Within; Dancing in the Labyrinth;  Grieving - examples of how the process works (actually a separate article in inner child healing section);  Metaphysical and Metempirical;  Multi-Dimensional Reality;  Etheric plane.

Some Quotes:

"Osama bin Laden was emotionally traumatized in childhood by being the youngest child in a huge family - the only child of the fifth wife, the only one whose mother was Syrian instead of Saudi.  The environment he was raised in was very privileged and extremely wealthy - and included a codependent disdain for the lower classes, the masses. . . . . . .

George W. Bush grew up in an emotional wasteland that was also very privileged and wealthy.   He was taught to define himself according to the codependent paternalistic attitude that is the modern day version of the Divine Right of Kings.  His family was also part of the ruling class - the class of elite robber barons who have held the real power in the United States for well over 100 years. . . . . . .

Osama bin Laden turned down his families offer of 20 billion dollars to return home and give up this silly religious stuff.  George W. Bush accepted his families offer to return to the fold."

"Einstein was able to make huge jumps in knowledge because he was willing to surrender to expanding his intellectual paradigm by trusting his intuition to guide his imagination into seeing the puzzle of life from larger perspective.  He was able to think outside of the box - and make huge breakthroughs in understanding - because he learned to follow his intuitive, mystical guidance to higher levels of consciousness that afforded him expanded perspectives of the puzzle.

Albert Einstein stated that there were dimensions beyond the concrete three-dimensional one that humans experience."

"I don't remember now, how I was led to studying quantum physics - or when exactly on my Spiritual growth path it happened - but it was a major influence for me in a multitude of ways.

One of the most important ways it helped me, was in my relationship with my own emotions.  As I opened up my intellectual paradigm to starting to understand that everything was energetic - and that there were different levels and types of energy - I started to understand the importance of emotions as energy.  Eventually I came to understand that emotional energy is generated in a dimension that is not part of the three-dimensional concrete reality that traditional views of science, medicine, etc., are based upon."

"When we give power away to other people because our relationship with self is dysfunctional, we actually allow cords of energy to tie us to those people.  These cords (ribbons, cables, tethers, threads, strands) of energy exist on the Etheric plane - which is where the Life Force energy runs through the chakra system.

We can literally be drained of our Life Force by these dysfunctional connections to other people.   All of us learned to allow ourselves to both be drained of Life Force by others as well as to steal Life Force energy from others to survive."

"On an energetic level, abandonment means getting unplugged from our energy source.  Abandonment feels life-threatening because the cords that bind us to other people, and feed us Life Force energy, gets unplugged and we do not know how to access that energy for ourselves.  That is why it is so important to learn to plug in internally, access the Transcendent emotional energy of Love, Light, Joy, and Truth that is available to us within."

Chapter 9 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness published November 16th

Focuses on:  metaphysical levels of the process including levels of consciousness in relationship to chakras and the complexity of interrelationships within - after some personal sharing about the grief process.

Sub topics include:  Vomiting out grief energy;  Etheric X-ray;  Chakra Levels of Consciousness;  Relative Levels of Consciousness;   Let Go - and then let go again.

Some Quotes:

"I learned in my own grieving process - and later applied in my work with clients - to pay attention to where the energy was manifesting in the body.  The grief associated with my emotional incest issues was being carried in my lower back on the right side.  As I mentioned above, this grief was near the second chakra because it was associated with my relationship with my own body and sexuality.  It was in my back because that is where I carry issues I don't want to see.  It was on my right side - which is the masculine side - because it was blocking me in my relationship with my own gender, which was greatly affecting my relationship with women."

"Much of the population of the world - especially in Third World countries - is still operating at the level of just trying to survive.  12,000 people die of starvation every day in the world.  When one is starving, there is no time or energy to focus on emotional healing, or enlightenment.  For many people in the Middle East survival is the focus.  When one is suffering at this level it helps to have someone to blame - and a cause to enlist in.  Living a bare survival existence can make dying in what one considers a noble cause look like a very attractive alternative.

There are people in the United States that are living from a first chakra level of consciousness.  The reality is that those of us who had our sense of security and safety so shaken by the events of September 11th, don't live in the ghetto.  In a capitalistic society, the poor are the ones that are offered up in blood sacrifice.  Societies that had ritualized blood sacrifice as part of their religious and cultural beliefs at least honored those they offered - instead of trying to ignore them.  The poor among us have no security and safety.  The homeless have no security and safety.

The rituals of blood sacrifice in the United States include crack pipes and gang initiation.  A Palestinian who becomes a terrorist and a kid in South Central LA who joins a gang are reacting to the same basic emotional wounds."

"I saw a statistic the other day that stated that at the end of the Twentieth Century there were 485 Billionaires in the world - and the net worth of those individuals was more than the three billion (that is 3,000,000,000) poorest people on this planet.  Something is wrong with this picture.  The money changers are not only in the temple, but are in control of the system and are willing to kill the planet we live on in their short sighted, ego driven pursuit of power and control.  These people are trying to overcome their childhood wounding - the toxic shame and incredible pain of feeling unlovable - by proving their worth through success in a system that is based upon belief in separation."

"We live in a society where a few have billions while others are starving and homeless.  We live in a society which believes that it is not only possible to own and hoard the resources and the land but one which can rationalize killing the planet we live on.  These are symptoms of imbalance, of reversed thinking."

"Our real self - our True Self - is buried under layers of twisted and distorted beliefs and false definitions.  Our original wounds were recreated and repeated in a variety of different ways because of our dysfunctional defense system.  We have emotional scabs and scar tissue that needs to be torn away in order to allow our emotional wounds to heal properly.

The point I am making here is that it is really silly to buy into the messages from the disease that tell you that you do not have to do this healing.  Those messages are what are keeping you from accessing more Love for your self.  This healing process does work miraculously once we align with it  - once we wake up to remembering that healing is the reason we are here.  One of the most Loving things to do for our self is to make healing the number 1 priority in our lives."

Chapter 10 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness published January 1

Focuses on:  Begins with article Co-Creation: Owning your Power to Manifest Love in inner child healing section and discusses recovery as a process from perspective of:  balance;  an answer to e-mail query;  an allegorical story.

Sub topics include:  Codependence Recovery / Inner Child Healing / Spiritual Integration & emotional balance;  The Recovery / Healing / Integration to find Balance Process;  Codependent Linear / Destination Thinking;  Learning to "go with the flow".

Some Quotes:

"The purpose of doing the codependence recovery / inner child healing work is to improve the quality of our life experience.  We can learn to own the power to be conscious co-creators of our lives by becoming aware of how to accept the things we cannot change - and change the things we can.  We have the power to change the quality of our relationship with our self and with life by doing this work."

"There is nothing wrong for example, in wanting a romantic relationship - of wishing for one that will be a Loving and nurturing partnership / friendship that will last for the rest of our lives.  What is dysfunctional is allowing the fact that we don't have a relationship today to dictate and define how we feel today.  If I focus on my issues about being deprived of companionship, affection, romance, etc., in this lifetime, I can make myself miserable today.  I don't deny having those issues, but I also do not focus on them.  If I am focusing on the part of my glass that is empty, I co-create my experience today out of feelings of deprivation and victimization.  That is not enjoyable.  That is not balanced."

"And if we are basing our feelings of worth on our looks or talents or intelligence - if we are buying into the codependent illusion that we are better than others because of these external manifestation - we are taking credit for gifts.  Our inherent capabilities and features as a human being are something we are born with.   To believe that you are unworthy as a being because you are overweight - and born into a culture where being overweight is considered "bad" rather than a culture that sees it as a sign of prosperity and status - is to be a victim of your genetic make up and/or your emotional wounding.

Some people are overweight because of genetics.  Most people are overweight because they learned to cope with their emotional wounds using food.  In many cases, people are overweight as a means of defending themselves because of a history of heartbreak and/or sexual abuse.  Often it is our fear of intimacy that is at the core of weight problems."

"We truly need to learn to "go with the flow" - by letting go, by surrendering the illusion that we are in control of life, by accepting reality as it is, by learning emotional honesty so our emotional energy can flow - in order to transform life into an adventure that we have the ability to enjoy some of the time instead of a dreadfully painful and terrifying struggle we are enduring."

Chapter 11 - Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness published January 2

Focuses on:  Summarizing the online book and looking at international events that sparked it; metaphysical and personal interpretations of blood sacrifice, along with some conjecture about future, and ends with discussion of New Age of Healing and Joy as the Second Coming of the message of Love.

Sub topics include:  The Situation in the World Today;  Blood Sacrifice;  Blood symbolic of the Life Force Energy;  Symbolic Blood Sacrifice = Letting Go of anything blocking the flow of the Life Force;  The Second Coming / Spiritual Awakening Has Begun;  Join the Revolution - learn to Love.

Some Quotes:

"The Taliban has been defeated, and the US says it is closing in on Osama Bin Laden.  The US government has released a video tape of Osama talking about the attacks.  My thoughts on this, are:  Why would he do that?   Why would he allow such a video tape to be made?  Is he an idiot?

I have no doubt that the CIA would fake such a video tape - but I have a hard time believing that they are capable of doing it on short notice with the degree of sophistication it would take to make it truly convincing.

Only someone who speaks Arabic and has a knowledge of the culture could give a reasonable opinion of it's authenticity.  I certainly can not.  I just find it kind of mind boggling.  Perhaps it speaks to bin Laden's arrogance. "

"The image or impression of this that works for me, is that I don't need to grind my mental gears trying to figure out answers.  It is more like I am standing on the shore of a river of information that is passing through my consciousness.  When some thing keeps bobbing to the surface in different forms from different sources, it behooves me to pay attention.

One of the things that has popped up for me repeatedly in the past week or so, is blood sacrifice."

"On what other levels - metaphysically, internationally, Cosmically - this topic of blood sacrifice might apply to the current world condition, I do not know.  I have long thought it was possible that the prophecies of Armageddon - the biblical battle between the forces of good and evil that was to occur at the end of the world - might have some Truth in them, but not in regard to the end of the world.  Instead, the prophecies of earthquakes and battles, of plague and pestilence, etc., might in fact be referring to a planetary cleansing.  Not the end of the world but a new beginning.

For the Earth to evolve into a more peaceful, Loving world, it would seem to be more possible with a much smaller planetary population.  Perhaps, these prophecies refer to a cleansing of the planet, and drastic reduction in population, that will take place as part of the shift away from polarity."

"The new Age of Healing and Joy that has dawned in human consciousness is the Second Coming of the message of Love.  Through doing our individual healing we are contributing towards the healing of the planet.  By clearing our inner channels we are able to access the higher vibrational frequencies of Love and Truth, Joy and Light.  The more we tune in to Light and Truth, the clearer our inner channel becomes, the closer we get to tuning into the Cosmic / Christ Consciousness energy, the messiah / savior energy within."

Chapters 2 through 11 of Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective are now only available in the pay to view Dancing in Light component of - or in the Joy2MeU Journal.
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