The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness

"The Taliban has been defeated, and the US says it is closing in on Osama Bin Laden.  The US government has released a video tape of Osama talking about the attacks.  My thoughts on this, are:  Why would he do that?   Why would he allow such a video tape to be made?  Is he an idiot?

I have no doubt that the CIA would fake such a video tape - but I have a hard time believing that they are capable of doing it on short notice with the degree of sophistication it would take to make it truly convincing.

Only someone who speaks Arabic and has a knowledge of the culture could give a reasonable opinion of it's authenticity.  I certainly can not.  I just find it kind of mind boggling.  Perhaps it speaks to bin Laden's arrogance. "

"One of the things I have learned in my recovery that has been a great relief, is that I don't have to figure things out - I just need to pay attention.  I get the answers I need when it is time for me to have the answer.  I am allowed to know on a need to know basis.  I get to know when it is time - and by paying attention I get to follow the carrots instead of forcing the Universe to use the stick to get my attention.

The image or impression of this that works for me, is that I don't need to grind my mental gears trying to figure out answers.  It is more like I am standing on the shore of a river of information that is passing through my consciousness.  When some thing keeps bobbing to the surface in different forms from different sources, it behooves me to pay attention.

One of the things that has popped up for me repeatedly in the past week or so, is blood sacrifice."

"On what other levels - metaphysically, internationally, Cosmically - this topic of blood sacrifice might apply to the current world condition, I do not know.  I have long thought it was possible that the prophecies of Armageddon - the biblical battle between the forces of good and evil that was to occur at the end of the world - might have some Truth in them, but not in regard to the end of the world.  Instead, the prophecies of earthquakes and battles, of plague and pestilence, etc., might in fact be referring to a planetary cleansing.  Not the end of the world but a new beginning.

For the Earth to evolve into a more peaceful, Loving world, it would seem to be more possible with a much smaller planetary population.  Perhaps, these prophecies refer to a cleansing of the planet, and drastic reduction in population, that will take place as part of the shift away from polarity."

"The new Age of Healing and Joy that has dawned in human consciousness is the Second Coming of the message of Love.  Through doing our individual healing we are contributing towards the healing of the planet.  By clearing our inner channels we are able to access the higher vibrational frequencies of Love and Truth, Joy and Light.  The more we tune in to Light and Truth, the clearer our inner channel becomes, the closer we get to tuning into the Cosmic / Christ Consciousness energy, the messiah / savior energy within."
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Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness

by Robert Burney

. . . . . This morning I woke up knowing where I needed to focus - and I was not at all happy about it.

The Situation in the World Today

. . . . . . Are we on the verge of world destruction, or just going to settle back into business as usual but slightly changed?

It is certainly more comfortable to settle back into convenient ruts than to face the unknown.  It is much easier to get caught up in the external details of our lives than to focus on Spiritual and emotional growth.

We Americans would rather worry about Christmas shopping or who is going to make the playoffs in football, than ponder the question of how is it ever going to be possible to have peace in the Middle East.   That is not bad or shameful - it is human. 

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Blood Sacrifice

Blood symbolic of the Life Force Energy

Symbolic Blood Sacrifice = Letting Go of anything blocking the flow of the Life Force

The Second Coming / Spiritual Awakening Has Begun

Join the Revolution - learn to Love

In writing my January 2002 Update Newsletters, I wrote something that I realized belonged here.  It took me a period of days after I published this Chapter on January 2 to write a summary of why I felt compelled to write this online book.  In doing so, I actually wrote the ending to it.  I have extracted the appropriate text from there and added it here. - January 14, 2002  Robert Burney
What I believe, is that the September 11th terrorist attack was a milestone in the Transformational Healing Process that is unfolding on the planet.   The dynamics that caused this life event are explained in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. In Attack on America:  A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness I have expanded and explained in more detail my understanding of those dynamics - which are the cause of the human condition - and shared my perspective of what is happening on multiple levels.

Polarity is the key.  Polarized thinking is what has caused the human condition and the disease of codependence.  We have been presented with an incredible opportunity to heal that condition of polarity.  That is what this online book is focused upon - healing that condition individually and collectively.

Our experience of life has been screwed up because we have been doing it backwards - looking outside for answers instead of within.  We have not only been playing this holographic human game by reversed rules that don't work - we forgot that we are not really the wounded imperfect human who is in the game trying to get it "right" so that we can earn our way, transcend, to the next level.  We are part of the Creative Source who imagined, who is dreaming, this game.  On another level we are Spiritual Beings who exist within the game on a higher vibrational plane - and have projected ourselves downwward vibrationally to see what it feels like to experience the game.  The small part of us that actually manifested in the lower vibrational Plane to experience being human in a physical, polarized holographic illusion of physical reality and individual identity got so caught up in the game that we started feeling disconnected from our True Spiritual Self, our higher vibrational Self - and thus from our Spiritual Source.  Feeling disconnected caused us to assume that we must have done something shameful and were being punished.  Feeling separate from the Source and from other humans is what made violence possible.  That is how the dance of wounded souls started.

There is a reason that we never felt at home here.  It is because we have felt disconnected, and then when we made all those attempts to reconnect, we were dialing the wrong number.  We were looking outside for the answers.

This is not home.  This is also not a prison. This is boarding school and we are getting ready for graduation.

Polarity caused the illusion that the flesh and the Spirit were separate, which led to the illusion of disconnection, which led to the pain of feeling separate - which when judged by a polarized belief system created shame about being human.

There is nothing shameful about being human.  We are Spiritual beings who are awakeing to Truth, who are reconnecting with our Spiritual Source.  It is an exciting time to be alive.  The Second Coming of the message of Love is in progress.  Through learning to manifest Love internally we are manifesting Love into the world and changing the human condition.  Work for World Peace: Heal Your Inner Child.  So be it.  Blessed Be.

Two hearts pierced with an arrow, symbolizing both Love and heartbreak.
Published January 2, 2002

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