Magnificent Unicorn representing authors Higher Self.

The Dance of the 

Wounded Souls Trilogy 

Book 1 - "In The Beginning . . ."

 Chapter 2


We landed in a meadow on the side of a mountain. It had been January and snowing outside when my unicorn galloped off of her picture. Now, after what seemed like only a few seconds of flying through a swirling tunnel of colors, we emerged to a mountain meadow in the full bloom of spring. The only snow around us was on the mountain peaks that towered majestically over us.

The meadow was roughly circular in shape and surrounded by aspens and evergreens. Wildflowers carpeted the ground, and butterflies fluttered everywhere. A stream flowed through the center of the meadow as a variety of birds sang from the trees. A doe and two fawns grazed on the edge of the meadow. They watched us as we landed and then went back to grazing as if a man riding a unicorn was no big deal in their world.

My unicorn landed in full stride without me feeling even the slightest jolt. She slowed to a walk and then stopped. From the relative size of the objects around us, it appeared that she had grown to my size as opposed to me shrinking.

I slid off of her back and breathed in the fragrance of the flowers.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Does it matter?"

"I guess not," I said, though there was something very familiar about this meadow. I walked over to the stream and stood for a moment watching a shadowy trout glide amongst the rocks. "It's very beautiful here."

"Thank you. I thought this would be a good staging area for our journey," she telepathed, with a sly grin as she bent to take a drink from the stream.

Somehow it felt as if her grin, and the mischievous look in her eyes, was connected to the familiarity I was feeling - as if she were amused by my inability to remember. The feeling was like a memory just at the edge of my consciousness, but before I could bring it to awareness she diverted my attention with her next communication.

"I also thought that it would be a pleasant place for us to talk about the history of the Universe that I am helping you write," she communicated, as she settled down comfortably to lay by the stream.

I had a ton of questions about all of the bizarre, glorious, and fantastic things that had been revealed to me, so I immediately let go of trying to figure out why the meadow felt familiar and focused all of my attention on her.

"Is what I've written accurate?" I asked, as I walked over to where she was laying and sat down on the ground near her careful not to crush any flowers as I sat. As I was sitting down, she cocked her head and looked at me out of the corner of her eye. So I quickly amended the question.  "What I mean to say is, have I accurately written down the information which you've been channeling to me?"

"Yes, you've done an excellent job," she smiled.

"And is what we've written the way it actually happened?" I replied, putting special emphasis on the word 'we'.

"Within the framework of the space-time illusion, the linear history of this planet that we are writing is the first Truly accurate account ever revealed."

"That's what I thought. Bits and pieces of the story are scattered about in various myths and.......," suddenly, the way in which she had answered my question struck me. "You just said the linear history of the planet. What about the True nature of God, and the creation of the Universe are those parts accurate?"

"Reasonably so."

"Reasonably so!" I'm afraid that I shouted in my surprise and scared a few butterflies. At that point in time, I was still taking this mystic business pretty seriously. I had gone through some very intense and painful months trying to understand the information that was being revealed to me and the last thing that I wanted to hear was that it was only 'reasonably' accurate.

"What are you saying?" I bellowed. "This is supposed to be a book of revealed truth. How can it be 'reasonably' True."

"Calm down now bucko," my unicorn was smiling again. "You know the answer to that question, don't you?"

I looked at her intensely for a moment as I tried to understand what she was saying. Then I got it. One of the messages she had been sending me repeatedly over the previous nine months came to mind. "Every time you say 'I don't know' you are commanding yourself not to know, and blocking your inner channel to the place of knowing." Then it struck me that she had just sent me the message one more time. I looked at her, and she had a smile on her face that I can only describe as a 'shit-eating' grin. I shook my head, and in doing so happened to notice the deer on the edge of the meadow. The doe seemed to be smiling at me!

"Okay," I chuckled. "Okay, I do know, I just haven't brought it to awareness yet."

Then I used the method that I had found worked for me in situations like this. I took a couple of deep breaths and opened my mind to receive whatever information was available - focusing on my crown chakra. As usual, when I gave myself permission to know, the information started to flow.

"Now let's see," I said, listening to the information that was coming through. "In the first place, it is impossible for humans to fully comprehend the True nature of God."

"Bingo," telepathed my Higher Self.

"People in ancient times understood that even better than we do today, because many of them didn't even bother to name God," I continued. "They referred to God as the one whose name could not be spoken, and instead they named the different aspects of God like the Hindus, or came up with an unpronounceable series of consonants like the Hebrews."

"Bingo again, Bucko."

"What's this bingo stuff? And bucko? Is that any way for a Higher Self to talk."

"Would you rather have me talk like a valley girl?"

"NO! No, that's okay," I replied quickly. I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to have the will of God communicated to me in valley girl lingo. So I quickly tried to continued. "So where was I?"

"Or I could have come as a frog who spoke in biblical language with a thee here, and a thou there, and a few shalts thrown in for good measure." 

The image that popped into my mind at that moment was of a large frog with a silly grin saying 'gag thee with thou spoon'.

"No," I laughed, "no, please."

"Or how about a rabbit with a Jamaican accent," she telepathed, her eyes dancing with laughter, "who sings 'don't worry, be silly'."

Because I had always taken this illusion of life too seriously, my Higher Self had revealed to me that the appropriate motto for me on my path was this slight variation on the popular song. He/She was always reminding me to be silly, to enjoy myself because I have a tendency to forget that learning to enjoy life in the moment is the purpose of healing. 

Her suggested alternatives were more than enough to make me very grateful that she had chosen to be a beautiful white unicorn who talks a little weirdly.

"I Love thee as a unicorn who says bingo," I laughed.

As I was laughing, I could hear my unicorn chuckling in my mind. It had never occurred to me that it was possible to chuckle telepathically but then I had not ever given much thought to any kind of telepathy at that point in time. Or to be more exact, I did not remember anything about telepathy at that point. I was soon to discover that I had been very adept at telepathic communication in various lifetimes. And specifically I was to remember how telepathy had been involved in the tragic events on Atlantis over 11,000 years ago.

But at that moment I was not conscious of the adventures and discoveries that lay ahead for me on this magical, mystical tour which I had just begun with my Higher Self. Right then I was only aware of how wonderful it felt to be sitting in this beautiful meadow with my unicorn with the birds singing, the butterflies fluttering, and the stream gurgling. The intimate relationship which I had developed with my Higher Self was now more tangible that I could ever have hoped as I sat there laughing with Him/Her beside the mountain stream.

"Of course," she telepathed, as our chuckling subsided, "you have already realized that what you just referred to as 'ancient' history was not ancient at all. It was, in Truth, just a short time ago in the context of the linear history of this planet. We will, in these books, reveal how much actually took place during the times historians refer to as precivilization."

Her reference to the history of the planet, reminded me of all the questions that had arisen while I was writing. Questions about the continent of Mu and the 'paradise' which had existed there for thousands of years, about the polarization of the lower mind and the subsequent manifestation of evil which reversed the energy field of human consciousness on the planet, about Atlantis and The Flood, about the aliens in spacecraft that are mentioned in myths the world over, about the creation of homo-sapiens and the myth of Adam and Eve, about........

"We'll get to all of that in good time," she telepathed, interrupting the flood of questions in my mind. "More will be revealed. Now how about getting back to answering your own question about the creation and the nature of God."

"Oh ya, sorry," I said rather sheepishly, as her communication snapped me out of the reverie that I had slipped into. "Now where was I? Oh yeah, the first written language on Mu was completely symbolic because it is easier to convey Truth symbolically. And although there still exist records in the symbolic language of Mu about the nature of God and the Creation trying to translate them is next to impossible. It's not like you can say 'One sunny day in May two billion and three years ago God did this'. So we've come up with a symbolic image of the creation in order to try to communicate the essence of what took place."

As I was speaking, and listening to myself to hear what I was saying, a realization suddenly flashed into my consciousness about something my unicorn had said a few moments before. She had referred to 'these' books that we were writing, not 'this' book. From the beginning of this mystical phase, I had tried to insist on writing only one book and the message had come through consistently that one book would not be enough to convey all of the information necessary. In looking back now I believe there were several reasons for my resistance - one being that I just didn't want to work that hard. The most compelling reason, however, was that I was terrified at knowing all of this information and even more terrified at the idea of being the messenger whose duty was to communicate it. I have some emotional memories from other lifetimes of what can happen to messengers.

"I promise you that you won't be burned at the stake this time," she telepathed, reading my mind. "Just continue please."

She was chuckling as she communicated to me, which I didn't really appreciate that much since my fear felt very real to me. I was about to say something nasty to her when I looked again into those laughter filled eyes and felt the Love that was shining out at me. I had to smile at her.

"You really are a dickhead sometimes, you know that." I said irreverently, shaking my head as I marveled at the absurdity of the situation, and tried to focus on the topic at hand again.

"So, as I was saying," I said, taking some deep breaths and focusing on my crown chakra. "Another way that Truth can sometimes be communicated is through fairy tales, or parables like Jesus did. But just like the multiple layers of other kinds of symbolism, the multiple layers of symbolic meaning in fairy tales and parables can easily be lost in the translation. Humans find it so easy to get all tangled up in the words and miss the spirit of the message completely."

I paused for a moment, and became aware that it was very quiet in the meadow. I looked around and saw the deer who seemed to be listening intently to what I was saying. It even seemed as if the birds and the butterflies and the rocks and the stream as well were listening to what I was saying.

"So," I continued, a little in awe with how tuned into everything around me I felt, "we are telling a fairy tale and using humor in an attempt to take some of the charge out of the words, and to try to get across the message that Truth is an emotion that is felt within, not a recital of cut and dried facts. The real Truth is that it is impossible for humans to Truly comprehend God intellectually. The attempts by humans to define God in a rational, linear, three-dimensional intellectual framework is part of the reason that the concept of God has been so twisted and distorted on this planet. We are able, at this time, to present the most accurate description of God ever revealed because the imagination of human consciousness has been expanded by the dawning of the Light in this Age of Healing and Joy. And even the description in this story is limited by the use of polarized, three-dimensional terminology. We are using such terms as feminine and mental in describing The Holy Mother Source Energy when, in Truth, such distinctions do not exist within God. To define God is to limit God, and God is unlimited. We are basically trying to describe the indescribable, and define the undefinable."

"So why do thee bother, dude," was my unicorns reply.

I looked at her quickly to make sure that she had not transformed into a frog. I was very relieved to see that she was still a unicorn with a silly smile.

"The reason we bother, dude," I replied, smiling at this beautiful, silly unicorn, "is because even though the details of how the Creation took place don't really matter, being open to new larger concepts makes all the difference in the world. How a person views their Higher Power, and what they believe the purpose of life is, is the difference between suffering and enduring life, and healing in order to feel Joy at being alive. It is time for souls in body to start awakening to the Truth of their Spiritual nature. And in order to do that they must start expanding their perspectives beyond the limited concepts of a Higher Power which they have been taught. The negative attitudes and false beliefs about God which humans still hold, both consciously and subconsciously, limit their perspective of God and block Spiritual awakening.

"My concept of God, and my understanding of the purpose of life," I continued, shifting to a personal level, "was formed by the concepts that I was taught in childhood. And even though I later rejected those concepts on a conscious level, I still carried them around in my subconscious. So without even being aware of what I was doing, I reacted to life as if it were based on the principle of sin and punishment. And since to be human was to be sinful, it followed that I deserved to be punished. So I spent most of my life suffering, and punishing myself, because I thought that was the reality of life. It was only when I started to wake up to the Truth of Spiritual purpose, and realized that the governing principle of life is cause and effect, that I started to see how I was creating my own reality out of those negative attitudes."

I was starting to get wound up at this point, and I stood up and started pacing along the stream. In talking about how limiting concepts of God had affected my experience of life, I had started to generate some emotional energy. The emotional energy was a catalyst for my mental process and, as the mental energy flowed and the emotional energy started to build up, I became 'energized' to the point that I could no longer sit still.

"It was by 'raising my consciousness', that is bringing the negative attitudes and false beliefs out of the subconscious into the Light of consciousness, that I started to change the type of reality that I was creating for myself. Until I did that I was making choices unconsciously based upon reactions to limiting attitudes and blocked emotional energy from my childhood. And I kept repeating the same patterns of behavior because I wasn't healing the wounds which had caused me to adapt them in the first place. When I started grieving and releasing the blocked emotional energy, then I could bring to consciousness those attitudes which were caused by being born into a spiritually hostile, emotionally repressive society. Only then could I start changing the attitudes that were limiting my ability to enjoy life. And the most detrimental of those false beliefs were the attitudes which limited my concept of God."

At that moment, the image of a page from my favorite book of Truth popped into my mind. At the top of the page was this quote:

"The original sin is to limit the IS.
(- Richard Bach, Illusions)

I smiled a thank you to my Higher Self for the reminder. In remembering the quote, I also remembered how my Higher Self had guided me to finding this book in a grocery store one day very early in my Spiritual Awakening process. At that point in time I had only recently encountered the revolutionary concept that a Higher Power might exist who Loved me unconditionally. At least the concept was revolutionary for me, because though I had been told that God loved me I had also been taught about original sin, about heaven and hell, about how some would be saved while others were damned, and other Spiritually abusive concepts which even as a little kid seemed to me to make love pretty conditional.

"This whole dance we are doing is about relationships," I said, shifting from the personal level to a larger perspective. "Our understanding of our relationship with our Creator reflects back directly into our relationship with our self. And our relationship with self manifest outward into our relationship with everyone and everything in our environment. If we believe that God loves us conditionally, that God is judgmental and punishing, then we will judge and punish our self and others. It is because the human concepts of God have been so limited and small that our understanding of our relationship with God has been so distorted. We must expand our perspectives to allow for larger concepts of the God-Force in order to cultivate, and become conscious of, a Loving relationship with our Higher Power. That is how we can heal our relationship with self, and start reflecting the Love of God outward to others and to our environment. That is why any human being's understanding of his or her relationship with God is the key to unlocking the blocks to Spiritual growth."

By this time I was pacing along the stream and then whirling around toward my unicorn to pace back again, gesturing as I talked. I tend to become very energized, that is passionate, in my attempt to communicate Truth even on that day in the meadow when the one whom I was communicating with was that part of my Self who guided me to remembering Truth.

"Until we can conceive of the possibility of a personal relationship with a Higher Power who is unconditionally Loving, we blindly react to that God who is judgmental. If God is judging us, then love is conditional based on whether or not we are doing what God wants us to do. And any concept of a Higher Power which assumes that God is not powerful and wise enough to get us to do God's will is a very small, puny concept of God."

"What about free will?" communicated my Higher Self, obviously amused by the head of steam that I was working up.

"Free will is an illusion, just as everything else in the dream is an illusion," I answered, since this was a question she had answered for me some time before. "Human beings have choices, and responsibility for the choices they make, on certain levels. It is vital to the growth process to start owning choices and taking responsibility, but on the highest level we do not have a choice. That is, no human being has the choice of separating from the ONENESS that is God because separation is an illusion. Nothing any human being can do will result in separation from God. And the choices we do have are governed by energy interaction patterns contained in the formulas which govern all energy interaction within the Illusion. The most important of these in relationship to human interaction is the law of Karma - that is cause and affect, what you sow-you reap, action-reaction. This is the Loving, beautiful law which assures us that no one can end up in the hole. Every action of cause we generate while on our evolutionary journey is paid for within the course of our journey. Any concept of God which includes judgment and punishment in an afterlife is a small, petty concept that gives power to the illusion of separation. It does not serve Truth, and does not lead to consciousness of ONENESS."

I felt as if my insides were being wound tighter and tighter as the emotional energy that I was generating built up. I was also starting to tap into some of the remaining rage energy in the reservoirs of grief which I had already done a lot of work on. I had not been able to become conscious of a Truly personal relationship with my Higher Power until I had owned and released great quantities of rage and pain energy that I had repressed in relationship to the unfairness and injustice of life as I had experienced it, due to the negative attitudes that I had absorbed from society. It was not until after I had done a lot of grief work in regards to my relationship with God that I was able to start communicating directly with my Higher Self.

At that moment in the meadow, as I paced and whirled and gestured passionately beside the stream, I had reached a vibrational pitch that was tapping into some of the remaining energy in those reservoirs. And unbeknownst to me, I was about to break through into a much deeper level of grief that I did not even know existed.

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